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An employer has khổng lồ accommodate the request of an employee not khổng lồ work Sundays if there are other employees willing to switch shifts.
Together the three dimensions produced a diplomatic synergy that both complicated, & ultimately accommodated a diplomatic solution.
Conversely, accommodating monetary regimes are compatible with real wage restraint và full employment in centralized bargaining systems, while they encourage wage-price militancy in decentralized ones.
Witness the ways in which, in most countries, public discourse has accommodated environmental or feminist rhetoric without thereby losing its distinctive sầu national character.
Accommodation rooms were cleaned và disinfected one section at a time, and new guests were accommodated in the cleaned sections.
One of the advantages of questionnaires is the large number of participants that can be accommodated (compared with interviews or other methods).
Where parents are accommodating care, gender differences in labour market attachment, continuity và flexibility are much more evident.
Chapter 4 further gives an trương mục of the mapping between semantic role, grammatical function, & case, accommodating in detail a variety of idiosyncrasies.
Valence issues are not readily accommodated within the spatial frame, but are almost universally considered to be important determinants of election outcomes.
To maximize efficiency, the application programmer should choose the most specialized skeleton which accommodates his/her algorithm.
The series exhibit many irregularities that cannot be easily accommodated by formal time-series models.
Their six guiding principles for retìm kiếm capađô thị building include a whole system approach, accommodating diversity, reducing barriers khổng lồ participation, enabling collaboration, mentoring and networking.
The tài khoản of the unstressability of latent vowels in odd-numbered syllable positions can easily be accommodated in the analysis of the polymorphemic forms.
To what extent a resurgence of midwifery-led care will be accommodated remains to lớn be fully assessed.

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Another answer for why companies should be so accommodating to lớn workers is simply that it pays khổng lồ bởi vì so.
A finite number of different consumer types could be accommodated by appropriately stacking the variables and the dynamic system describing the learning dynamics.
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