To be considered for to the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, students must submit the following three items: an application, $55 application fee & Self-Reported Academic Record. The Academic Record is where you will self-report your high school courses & grades, & your test scores.

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To see what materials we have sầu received, và what materials are still missing, please visit Application Tracker. 

To access your Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR), you must log inlớn Application Tracker. 

To access Application Tracker for the first time, you will need your student ID number.If you have sầu already used Application Tracker, you will need khổng lồ log in using your U of M mạng internet ID.

If you don"t have sầu a student ID number, or have sầu forgotten your login information, please visit use the "I vì chưng NOT have a student ID number" or "I forgot my login information" buttons on the Application Tracker page.

Application platform:Academic Record method:Important note:
Golden Gopher ApplicationComplete the Academic Record section within the Golden Gopher Application.After you submit your Academic Record, remember khổng lồ follow the prompts on the screen khổng lồ reviews and submit your application form.
Comtháng ApplicationComplete the Courses & Grades section within Comtháng Application.In the Courses & Grades section, cliông xã "Yes" to lớn the statement "I am able lớn obtain a copy of my transcript."

To fill out the Academic Record (Courses và Grades) section you will need:

A computer with mạng internet connectionA copy of your unofficial transcript listing courses and grades from 9th-11th grade as well your current or upcoming 12th grade course titles (Do not enter your courses or grades from memory!)You should not submit a transcript as part of your application. Any transcripts submitted will not be used as part of our application Đánh Giá process, nor count as part of a complete application.

As you"re completing the form, rethành viên that...

You must be accurate. Have a copy of your unofficial transcript in hand lớn ensure accuracy.You must be complete. Report all coursework—both completed & in progress.You must be honest. Do not weight grades or change any information as it appears on your transcript.

For full descriptions of these expectations, you can đánh giá our Verification of Self-Reported Academic Record Policy.

We estimate that it will take about 45-60 minutes to lớn complete the Academic Record (Courses và Grades) on the application. Allow for more time if you have sầu attended multiple schools or colleges. The size allows you to lớn save sầu your work, so you don"t have to complete the size in a single session.

No. You should not submit a transcript as part of your application khổng lồ the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Instead, you must self-report your courses, grades, và thử nghiệm scores as part of your freshman admission application. Any transcripts submitted will not be used as part of our application đánh giá process, nor count as part of a complete application.

For questions related khổng lồ your educational experiences (such as course levels or grades), please liên hệ an counselor at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000.

For technical assistance (such as trouble logging in or using the form"s dropdown menus) in the Golden Gopher Application"s Academic Record section, please use the "Help" button in the top right corner of the online size.

Who do I tương tác if I need accessibility accommodations for the Academic Record (Courses & Grades) section?

If you need any assistance with the Academic Record (Courses và Grades) section, we are happy lớn help. Liên hệ us at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000, or by tin nhắn at .

You should menu all high schools you have sầu attended & the years you attended them. You will enter your courses & grades under the high school where each course was taken.

How bởi vì I record my dates of attendance if I leave sầu one high school for another, and then return lớn my original school?

Enter the dates of attendance for the school to lớn which you returned without any breaks in attendance. Record your courses và grades only for the years that you attended.

Enter the dates of attendance for the school to which you initially transferred just for the time that you attended.

Example: Student attended Hillsborough High School for grades 9 (09-2018 lớn 06-2019), 11 & 12 (09-2020 to lớn 06-2022) và Franklin High School for grade 10 (09-2019 lớn 06-2020).

Enter the dates for Hillsborough High School as 09-2018 to 06-2022 and record the courses & grades for grades 9 (2018-2019), 11 (2020-2021), & 12 (2021-2022).The dates of attendance for Franklin High School would be recorded as 09-2019 to 06-2020.


2. Next, cliông chồng on Enter Coursework và select the first school that you attended. You will see the academic years for four years of high school; however, you only need to lớn record the courses & grades for the dates that you were enrolled.

3. Once you record your courses và grades for the first school, return to the Enter Coursework screen to lớn select the second school. Repeat the process to record the courses và grades for this school as well.

4. After completing all of your course entries please return to the Enter High Schools screen and record the correct dates of attendance for each school.


Note: The screenshot above sầu is shown for demonstration purposes only. Please enter your actual dates of attendance. 

If your transcript includes numerical grades with decimals, you should select "Other" under the Grade Scale heading.

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Please tương tác the Office of at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000, or by gmail at .

If my 9th grade year was taken in a middle school or junior high, should I add my middle school/junior high school khổng lồ my "High Schools Attended" list?

No. (You can enter your ninth grade coursework under your high school name. You vì chưng not need to lớn enter the middle school or junior high as a separate school.)

International applicants: please see the international section for more detailed information about listing your secondary schools.

I attended an international school for a year và received credit. How do I list that on the Academic Record when I also attended a domestic high school?

Please menu all of the high schools you attended và the courses & grades completed for each high school. However, if you enrolled in a course as part of a learning abroad program through your current high school và the course is on your current high school transcript, please just menu your current high school on the Academic Record.

You vì not need to submit a Self-Reported Academic Record. Please contact the Office of at 612-625-2008 or 1-800-752-1000, or by email at .

International students: see the international section if you have sầu taken the GED.

Select the level that best matoludenim.comhes the cấp độ names used by your school, even if it doesn"t exactly matoludenim.comh how your school describes course levels.

How should I choose Course Length (Golden Gopher Application) or Schedule (Comtháng App) for a class I took all year?

If you took a course for a full year and your school DOES provide a final year grade:

GOLDEN GOPHER APPLICATION: Do NOT report your quarter/trimester/semester grades. Instead, choose the "Full Year" option from the dropdown thực đơn và only report this final full year grade.COMMON APP: Enter your quarter/trimester/semester grades in the appropriate dropdown menus, và enter your full year grade in the "Final" grade dropdown thực đơn.

If you took a course for a full year & your school DOES NOT provide a final year grade:

GOLDEN GOPHER APPLICATION: Simply report your quarter/trimester/semester grades.COMMON APP: Enter your quarter/trimester/semester grades in the dropdown menus, and leave the "Final" grade dropdown menu blank.

For the Course Name, should I abbreviate course titles exactly as they appear on my transcript, or should I write the full words if I know them?

Please enter the names exactly as they are shown on your transcript. For example, if your transcript lists "EngLit/Com 10" you should type "EngLit/Com 10" rather than spelling out the words.

Enter the course & the grade you received for the term (semester, trimester, or quarter). Leave sầu the other term grades blank & they will not populate into lớn your "Currently Entered Coursework."

If the course length is not a semester, trimester or quarter, you can indicate a course length as a "Single Marking Period" (Golden Gopher Application) or "Other" (Comtháng App) và danh sách the amount of credits you earned in the course.

My high school uses a letter grade system with AB grades, so the scale goes A, AB, B, BC, How vị I enter that on the Academic Record?
COMMON APP: Select "other" in the grading scale menu.GOLDEN GOPHER APPLICATION: select "other" as your grading scale in the "Enter High Schools" section:

Enter these courses under your high school. When entering your courses, select "Dual Enrollment" for the Course Level. Please consult the PDF guide for step-by-step help with the Golden Gopher Application.

Enter these courses under your high school. When entering your courses, select "College in HS" (Golden Gopher Application) or "College Prep" (Common App) for the Course Level.

Enter the Project Lead the Way course title exactly as it appears on your high school transcript in the Course Name section of the Self-Reported Academic Record. Enter the Course Level as Dual Enrollment.

Your Academic Record form must danh sách all courses that you"ve attempted. If the course appears on your transcript (including repeated or withdrawn courses), it must accurately be listed on your Academic Record khung.

For courses taken during the summer, danh sách the course & associated grade in the preceding school year. For example, if you took a summer course between 9th and 10th grade, you will danh mục the course and grade in the final semester of your 9th grade year on the Self-Reported Academic Record. If the summer course was not part of a semester, trimester or quarter, choose "Single Marking" period as the course length.

How closely does the Generic Course Title (Golden Gopher Application) or Subject (Comtháng App) need to lớn matoludenim.comh my course name?

Select the Generic Course Title or Subject that best matoludenim.comhes your course name. If you are unsure, select Other.

The Academic Record isn"t letting me add accelerated coursework that I took in middle school that counted for high school credit. How vày I report those grades since I received high school credit for them?

Please report courses và grades that you took 9th-12th grade only on the Academic Record. When we reviews high school coursework, we consider the highest level of the subject achieved in high school. For example, if you took French 2 in 9th grade, we understand that you would have sầu taken French 1 previously. We will know that you would have completed previous coursework in order to lớn be at that cấp độ.

No, bởi not average your courses. Enter your transcript information exactly as you see it on your transcript.

An ACT/SAT score is not required for your 2021 application lớn the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. Learn more on our ACT/SAT score information page.

On your application, you will indicate whether you would lượt thích an ACT/SAT score considered in the đánh giá of your application. Once you submit your application, your decision is final and cannot be amended, with the exception for kiểm tra access or cancellation circumstances. An applicant who originally indicated the intent to lớn submit a chạy thử score, but can no longer take the exam & therefore can not complete their application, can request lớn change their original answer to lớn this question by completing an amendment khung.

International students must submit an English proficiency score. If you would like lớn use ACT or SAT scores as demonstration of your English proficiency, you must select "Yes" on the application when asked if you would like an ACT/SAT score considered during reviews of your application. Your ACT/SAT score will be reviewed as an academic factor and as your English proficiency requirement.

For all applicants, the Testing page on your Common App submission pReviews PDF will be blank with a small note: "There are no demo scores to lớn report." This blank page is intentional khổng lồ ensure that our application reader team does not see scores from students who vị not want an ACT/SAT score reviewed as part of their application.

If you selected "Yes" on your application lớn indicate that you"d lượt thích your ACT/SAT scores included in the Đánh Giá of your application, rest assured that we will still receive sầu the ACT, SAT, or English proficiency scores that you self-reported on your Comtháng App even though they don"t appear in your Common App PDF.

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