The conservative truyền thông media outlet’s staffers cite L.A.’s high rent prices và ”declining chất lượng of life”

Conservative truyền thông media outlet the Daily Wire is giving up its Sherman Oaks headquarters và relocating to Nashville, Tennessee. The company’s founders say they’re concerned about L.A.’s high housing costs and high taxes, và what they perceive as a declining quality of life.

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The site has achieved massive popularity since its 2015 launch by Ben Shapiro, Jeremy Boreing, & Caleb Robinson. Shapiro’s podcast has hovered in the top ten of Podtrac’s ratings this year, driven by fans of rants like the one he published yesterday, labeled “Democrats blame Trump for wildfires in Democrat-run areas; cops are blamed yet again for refusing khổng lồ be assaulted by BLM protesters; & the truyền thông media go wild over an indoor Trump rally.”

Based in Sherman Oaks since its inception, the Daily Wire và its crew say they’ve sầu had it with life on the West Coast—và the liberal local electeds, of course.

“The dream of California and the weather were enough lớn draw us all here & keep us here, even when it was hard,” Boreing, who’s lived in L.A. for đôi mươi years, tells Deadline. “But it’s hubris to think you can keep making it worse và worse for people và that somehow the idea of temperate winters will be enough to lớn make them stay forever.”

The site’s 75 staffers have until October 1 to decide whether they’ll make the move, which is slated for November. Boreing expects about 80 percent of the employees khổng lồ get on board, especially with the prospect of cheaper rent.

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“We were shocked by the reception when we announced the move sầu,” he said. “But, of course, our employees see all of the same challenges we see và it’s even harder for them to afford this place.”

Boreing và company chose Nashville because it “offers the creative sầu talent we need khổng lồ keep growing the business,” after initially considering decamping khổng lồ Texas, as podcaster Joe Rogan recently did. As the Independent points out, Nashville is becoming a destination for right-wing gadflies. Conservative social media personality Tomi Lahren moved there from San Diego earlier this year.

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