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Mật khẩu : Cuối bài viết





Project: Hanoi sky lake resort golf club house

Location: Chuong My town- Ha Tay province

Content of bidding package

Construction work is built on the area of golf court in Chuong My town Ha Tay province

Work area: Building all the club building

ScaleArchitecture solution

– Construction work is 3 floor building và 1 pit floor, concreted roofing with art tile

Structure solution

– Construction work is designed body toàn thân structure solution using column, beam, và 250# reinforced concrete floor

Execution method:

– Construction work is 3 floor building & 1 pit floor, built và belong khổng lồ central area, thus, execution method must guarantee following factors:

– Execution method must meet standards about noise, safety, cleaning and next construction works, ensure not affect to lớn surrounding

– Transportation means must be cleaned, not dirty tires, no garbage on the street


Contractor confirms preparation with large decision lớn quality of construction. After searching for drawing contractor sees that this work requires high chất lượng art, these are some preparation of contractor before execution


After searching for contractor’s drawing which manage chất lượng work, setting up legal document management is through out from company lớn construction site such as: employee document includes labor contract, labor safety commitment; material equipment management file includes tested material chất lượng results, checking equipment; completion certificate. In Contractor office, there a team of skillful engineer who sets up solution method execution progress for each work in details. Pursuant to execution progress tệp tin, contractor has planed to prepare manpower, materials, & construction equipments. Document is proceeded by contractor and finished when starting execution.

2. Human Resource. Contractor will appoint a vice director who controls execution directly.

_ Technology department of contractor has an experienced team of staff who regularly follows up unique of construction work

_ Manpower: Contractor has been executing many project of Taiwan, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Korea và nhật bản, so contractor has a skillful và responsible team in construction work. However, contractor still confirm chất lượng of human resource to lớn the success of contractor. Hence, staffs are still trained to enhance ability và especially, 100% of workers are must work with good health skills & safety.

_ Human resource: Contractor arranges human resource depend on work, especially main work like concrete building, plaster will be guaranteed for production line. Professional labor team divided inkhổng lồ plaster, building, plaster, steel, concrete, electricity, water supply, equipment installation is combined tightly with each other in execution khổng lồ ensure progress.

Material, equipment

_ Material & supply: Investor must chạy thử material before using, unique of main material must be tested. Material must be estimated to be suitable for progress and construction plan in each period. In this work contractor focuses on concerning about things for high quality & artic construction work.

_ Equipment: Contractor has plan khổng lồ use equipment reasonably, depends on work amount and progress, to supply on execution time, right standard


Plan preparation affects to execution progress & construction work quality significantly. To arrange reasonable plan, contractor will proceed survey and search for plane, confirming plan of execution, mix up execution progress in detail for each category to define office location, store, material ground, mixing machine area và entrance during execution time

Contractor proceeds preparation such as locating construction, calculating material transport road, transport l&, necessary area for mixing concrete ground, small structure, installation, mixing mortar, brick ground and formworks, steel ground và ensure arranged reasonable plan.

After calculating for necessary, contractor proceed to lớn protect from dust for environment

Main requirement

After calculating above floor limiting fallen materials as well as dust.

After executing floors, Contractor will proceed lớn spread






Plan must be installed electriđô thị, water supply, control office, tent, depot, other tents are arranged to lớn be convenient for execution

Construction concrete is fresh concrete and use concrete pump

Requirements when arranging execution plan

When arranging the execution plane, contractor will calculate khổng lồ ensure following factors:

Offices and depots: Ensure enough area, satisfy functions of office.Store floor is embanked high & chocked for damp-proof to cementInflammable materials are put separately and packet in bucketsFire extinguishers in offices and depotsSecurity office: Near the entrance và observable lớn everywhere in the construction site. Fixed telephone, fire extinguishers, security equipments in security officeReinforcement executing ground: Tent floor is built high and have satchelsFormwork assembling ground: Contractor uses most of corrugated ion formwork. The system lớn tư vấn formwork is log of wood và steel log. Contractor is responsible for maintaining formwork.

Contractor also uses both steel & wooden formwork. Thus, processed formwork must be far away from depots

Water supply

Contractor must liên hệ with investor & local government khổng lồ have sầu water for execution

Water supply system is tight in the ground và far from road

Sewage system

Contractor installs a temporary sewage system, connect water from many areas & pump water khổng lồ gas hole.


Contractor supplies electrithành phố và private wire lớn electriđô thị box. Moreover, contractor prepares generator to lớn guarantee electrithành phố. Using rubber covered cables with 3 phases or 4 cores. There is electricity clock to measure electricity numbers

There are 2 main power sources:

For equipments và machinesFor other activities

Contractor installs tension pole across roads, wire is larger than or equal 4 m

Lighting system

Contractor installs headlights around the work, Light system lớn protect and serve sầu for execution at night

Moreover, contractor supplies another dynamo.40KVA ensures lighting of work & serve machines in case of power cut or executing process at night

Arrange plan, contractor guarantee the standard of work, environment, security và safety.



Guarantee execution steps as same as design

Guarantee safety for people, machines và work

Guarantee surrounding environment

Avoid making noise

Clean transport means when leaving the work

Contractor covers the boot of xe đạp when going out the wor

Execution method

Base on the drawing, contractor gives the method presented following

Survey method

Contractor surveys when beginning executing work. Survey engineers help experiences và take part in many works

In order khổng lồ set up, maintain figures in work correctly, survey team receives a border line and investor’s standard (receivable certificate). Then, team is responsible for defending border line và fix.

Base on border line high standard to main pivot, phối up pitch system to confirm the pivot. Setting up pitch by: each pitch is confirmed by center point. This point is phối up to use easily and exactly, not affect to execution. In execution, contractor bases on pitch and height lớn execute according lớn requirement of investor & drawing

Survey is always checked và noted in detail. Figures are announced to investor


1)Excavation method

Due to lớn large amount of land, we use both method of machine & manuals. Excavating by machine is used regularly, using manuals khổng lồ fix foundation hole. Excavating và fixing foundation hole follow khổng lồ designed depth.

Around hole, drainage ditches & arrange pump khổng lồ absorb water continuously in case of rain.

Excavation process is suitable for restriction to lớn guarantee the stability of roof. In case of less stable place, we process to build stake.

Dimension, size, height of foundation hole must be suitable for thiết kế. Taking over before going on next work.

* Risk of excavation

Digging in the heavy rain causes soil fall. After rain, filling in hole, change 15cm in hole in comparison khổng lồ designed màn chơi. After fixing each ground layer, replacing foundation by concrete bricks.

There is “underground rock” or other, replace by mixing sand and crushed roông chồng.

Filling up foundation hole

After executing foundation concrete, filling foundation hole.

* Technical requirement in filling land

When covering svà, guarantee that foundation svà has moisture in restricted area. Dry svà needs khổng lồ be watered; reduce moisture for much humid sand.

Cover s& và distribute into each layer và stamp.

*Technical method

Use compactor & worker.

Stamp layer lớn another tightly

Fill svà by line

Foundation work

After finishing foundation, place & fix it.

Pour the lean concrete layer for foundation. Use survey machine lớn confirm centre và mark on the surface of middle layer concrete. Proceeding steel installation when the concrete commit to lớn the hardness. Use bloông chồng for small concrete with the same depth as concrete layer for steel. Label of this is equal khổng lồ one of foundation concrete.

After reinforcement assembling, installing casing used iron formwork. Foundation formwork commit to designed type. Foundation casing is kept by steel column which is wrapped & wooden column. It is important for contractor khổng lồ guarantee stability of formwork.

Checking steel formwork & cleaning before pouring concrete.

Pour foundation concrete: Replace mixed concrete into concrete pump. Material of concrete commits to clean standard.

Use stamping concrete d=45-60mm khổng lồ stamp concrete. The concrete is poured into lớn each layer & damped following to technique. Surface of foundation is smooth by hawk, guarantee flat degree & designed màn chơi.

Covering foundation is only proceeded after maintaining concrete following technique finishing, underground work và accepted by investor.



Execution of wall, concrete, steel, pit floor

Base on structure thiết kế contractor estimate, design using casing and recycling during work.

Reinforcement assembling

Tie bloông xã concrete with the same thickness as protected concrete và grade as one of structure concrete.

Preliminary acceptance for reinforcement

Drill concrete floor to hammer steel khổng lồ fix wall thickness

Formwork assembling in one side only

Pour concrete for wall

Reinforcement assembling

Before install steel for the wall, contractor uses survey machine lớn define centre of pivots on the concrete floor

Base on pointed centre on the concrete, check the right position of steel, tight steel to lớn other steel in case of right position

* Wall reinforcement procedure

– Drill to create roughness of wall foot concrete và clean

– Adjust straight ahead steel bar, ensure distance between steel bar

– Connect straight steel bars with another

– Install cross-bar

– Adjust steel bars lớn guarantee kích thước & distance between bar

– Tie steel và concrete bloông chồng inlớn one side, the number of blochồng mass ensure lớn make steel stable and unbroken.

– After finishing work, investor checks steel. Contractor only proceeds to lớn combine formwork if it reaches requirement.

Wall formwork combination

Contractor confirms: Formwork combination must make wall straight, flat, smooth. Thus, formwork must be hermetic, stable. Corrugated iron formworks have sầu the same size as structure kích thước.

In case of missing corrugated iron formworks, contractor uses wooden formwork. Contractor cleans và paints a petrol layer before using lớn untie easily.

* Formwork assembling procedure

Base on defined centre of pivot. Line 2 lines khổng lồ wall edge.

Drilled hole D12, distance 1.5m per 1 hole.

Hammer steel pieces D12 following lớn line in order khổng lồ become bolt inside formwork

Combine one side corrugated iron khung work.

Install steel boxes inkhổng lồ 3 lines:

Line 1: 20centimet from bottom of concrete wall

Line 2: 60cm from Line 1

Line 3: 15centimet from wall surface

Boxes control thickness of concrete wall. If thickness of wall always commit lớn standard, casing will not be deformed.

After installing và fixing boxes bar, conducting to tie concrete block into lớn other steel wall side. Then, clean wall foot & combine casing.

After combining, casings are propped up by length control machine. Contractor uses D12 cable with control machine khổng lồ control và lớn pull casing inverse to propulsive sầu force of pulled bar in order to balance pressing force on casing, guarantee stability of casing & control wall casing khổng lồ the right or the left easily.

After combining casing, contractor invites investor to check. Next, contractor prepares to pour concrete.

Pit floor concrete wall pouring.Method

By concrete pump

Concrete is poured on the partition with the thickness of 30cm with many times to guarantee solid & adhesive degree.

Pit floor wall concrete stamping method

Before pouring concrete wall, contractor uses pump lớn water wall foot brichồng & pour a cement layer with rate ½ và phối additive sầu for damp-proof. After pouring mortar, pouring concrete immediately.

Wall concrete has 14cm- landslide, distance between wall steel is large. Thus, contractor uses stamping machine with diameter D50, radius is equal as 1/3 as length of power hammer. When covering next layer on previous layer, power hammer is staked out with the depth of more than 5cm.

Concrete pour requirements

Avoid changing position of steel, formwork and guarantee the depth of protected concrete layer.

Pouring concrete continuously in oder to lớn avoid separately of concrete until finishing any structure following khổng lồ thiết kế.

The height of falling concrete is smaller than 1.5m to lớn avoid classifying. If it is higher than 1.5m, pour concrete by sloping conduit or movable pipe. Material conduit must be smooth & hermetic. Material conduit width is as 3.5 times as the largest diameter of reinforcement. Slope of conduit is guaranteed for concrete not stuông xã.

Pouring concrete note:

Formwork, scaffold & reinforcement are tested tightly in case of trouble.

Concrete is stamped by stamping machine. All position is stamped in the right way.

Canvas is available to cover concrete when rain. Concrete is not poured because of problems, wait until it reaches at 25kg/cmét vuông. Before pouring, roughness flat is handled, pour solid cement, mix additive for damp-proof.

Thickness of concrete layer bases on concrete supply, transport distance, type of stamping power, characteristic of structure & it doesn’t exceed standards:

Straight stamping: Length of each layer Reinforcement concrete column execution methodCasing, reinforcement

Reinforcement column belong khổng lồ system that burden all loading capađô thị of work, thus, contractor concern about seriously

Base on kích thước of each structure, contractor uses casing of contractor as formwork column.

To executing column, contractor gives execution order:

Use Theologize khổng lồ place centre of pivot

Confirm size of column circumference

Drill & hammer D12 onto lớn edge

Install reinforcement concrete column

Tie steel concrete block

Acceptance for column reinforcement

Combine 3-kích thước formwork of column

Adjust, fix 3-kích cỡ formwork box on the right position

Adjust straight reinforcement column, blochồng to guarantee protected layer for reinforcement around column

Clean pivot foot

Combine other form size of formwork

Adjust; prop up formwork in the centre of pivot & straight

Acceptance for column formwork

Method of propping up và adjusting formwork column

When pouring the floor concrete, contractor calculate to lớn place anchor on the floor surface khổng lồ be point to lớn hook cable.

To control column, contractor estimates khổng lồ prop up

First line is next lớn floor surface

Second line is 1.4m from floor

Third line is 50 centimet from column

(Base on specific height of each column, contractor adjusts distance of 2 columns)

To balance force and pull in or pull out easily, contractor uses column to pull by steel and cable with diameter 8-12mm.

To check vertical of formwork column, contractor equips plumb bob for each team, combine with survey team to lớn check straight level of formwork.

The column with the height of more than 1.5m, contractor arranges concrete door across formwork column so that height of concrete Concrete column execution

Contractor waters column foot then cchiến bại cleaning door in column foot.

Avoid separating concrete; contractor pours a yellow svà layer mortar with rate 1/2 in foot column before pouring concrete.

With high concrete column, contractor pours concrete inkhổng lồ many layers. Thickness of layer Formwork combination notices

If there is any leaky hole, it needs maintaining and preparing casing.

Reinforcement , casing và concrete floor beam

Execution order this procedure affects lớn progress & unique of work. Contractor gives casing execution procedure so that execution procedure is circulated:

Use survey machine lớn check beam

Install beam untie system

Adjust top column to beam bottom

Install satchel

Cover corrugated-iron formwork as beam formwork

Use survey machine lớn kiểm tra or beam bottom

Adjust beam bottom according to lớn design

Cheông xã beam bottom casing

Install beam steel

Install formwork inkhổng lồ beam

Install column to prop up floor

Cover formwork inkhổng lồ floor formwork

Cheông xã casing and beam

Install floor reinforcement

Cheông chồng floor beam casing & floor beam steel installation

Floor beam casing execution

General requirement

Casing and column structure bases on casing structure, commit lớn following requirement:

– Guarantee right kích cỡ and sharp

– Guarantee tight to lớn avoid loss of cement

This affects khổng lồ execution progress và work unique significantly.

Contractor uses Pal & Đường Minh Khai scaffold casing combining with wooden formwork so that work gets high unique và execution process. The system is installed khổng lồ guarantee the high stability. These materials are used to lớn execute the following casings:

– The system of propping scaffold combining steel column constriction.

– The combination between U steel cross bar và wooden satchel.

– The combination ahy vọng casing corrugated iron & wooden pressing casing.

* Preparation steps:

– Contractor calculates the height of scaffold which is used for the propping straight for each girder, floor system based on the building height.

– Calculate the capacity which presses inkhổng lồ wooden satchel in order to define the height it.

– Define the general height of all materials:

The height of scaffold.The height of wooden satchel of girder & floor.The thickness of corrugated – iron formwork.

Contractor arranges the executing formwork team based on the amount of work.

The system of PAL and Minh Khai scaffold will be put upon the jachồng system lớn adjust height. The foot jaông chồng will be put upon the thick casing lớn avoid its concentrating force to lớn concrete casing.

Minh Khai scaffold will be used khổng lồ plaster và build work.

Contractor uses steel bar alternated wooden propping to ensure safety and right techniques for stair execution.

Contractor will put the parts of materials available in concrete such as bolt, iron hook… to use for the works of later parts, pipe other materials following design.

Floor casing is installed by fixing steel casing which connects khổng lồ each other lớn form a large part. The system of casing will be put upon the system of steel satchel and PAL scaffold.

Adjust the system of casing, floor according khổng lồ kiến thiết. Contractor uses foot jaông chồng, top jaông chồng of scaffold system which can be adjusted up và down with the kiểm tra of measuring devices.

Contractor will organize to lớn take over casing khổng lồ avoid later unfortunate mistake before installing reinforcement. The take- over content includes rechecking centre, rod, the height of casing according khổng lồ kiến thiết. Cheông xã shape, form size, smooth, clean, stability of casing. Cheông xã the stability of casing, scaffold & floor.

Contractor ensures the right time, ensure concrete attain the right volume and contractor also ensure to lớn have enough take-over note which attain the result.

Reinforcement và casing execution

Contractor proceeds installing reinforcement upon the system of already finished casing right after installing them.

The type of reinforcement will be put at least 45cm high from the floor and stay in the roof factory area before và after being curved. Reinforcement must be ensured to lớn be cleaned before pouring concrete without oil or other poisonous substance.

Contractor will arrange enough materials, machine which serve for processing cool curving, installing reinforcement according lớn thiết kế which is registered by investor & TCtoàn nước 8874-91. Reinforcement work will be processed right at construction và then installed at right position according lớn design và located reliably. Constructor arranges each steel team which is delivered the specific works with different department.

Floor reinforcement, stair are installed right upon the system of floor casing. Constructor will install main reinforcement beam right after installing the system of bottom casing beam. Constructor will install secondary reinforcement beam outside & then locate at beam’s thiết kế position.

Reinforcement is connected with each other soft steel line (0.8-1mm) lớn ensure the stability when pouring concrete. Nut and code connect surely lớn straight steel by tying or wielding. Wielding reinforcement work will be processed according khổng lồ TCViệt Nam 5724-93(đất nước hình chữ S STANDARD 5724-93). The wielded beams are suitable with necessary dem& và they will not be crust over và swollen. Contractor will cast the concrete mortar blocks which has the height equal to lớn reinforcement protection concrete of each structure according to design lớn ensure the later pouring concrete work .

Contractor follows all the reinforcement work according khổng lồ kiến thiết notice and investor.

Contractor will invite investor’s technical supervisor to take over và sign the papers about reinforcement.

Floor concrete beam execution

Concrete work is processed right after taking over reinforcement installation, the take-over documents are complete. Contractor also does the check of casing system, scaffold to lớn ensure the stability in pouring concrete process before officially pouring concrete.

Concrete beam, floor use commodity concrete poured by pamp.

Contractor calculates to pour each concrete within a day. Concrete will calculate to lớn guarantee technical demands about circuit.

Execution circuit và execution circuit method.

Concrete must be stopped pouring according khổng lồ restriction about circuit if the pause time of pouring concrete is up khổng lồ 90min in any circumstances.

Contractor will commit khổng lồ TCtoàn nước 4453-95 standard about concrete pouring circuit.

Floor concrete pouring circuit is 1/3 span lớn the perpendicular direction khổng lồ short side & to lớn the pouring concrete direction.

Circuit must have 1milimet flexible steel net to lớn connect later section; it must be blocked so that concrete will not be flown.

After stopping pouring concrete, if the next bloông chồng concrete is poured, the circuit tương tác must be carved roughly and watered by solid cement, at this point, we use washer water proof & glue layer. Contractor will pour a mortar layer with rate 1:2 with damp proof additive sầu.

Notice when pouring concrete contacts with circuit:

Concrete at circuit can not mixed with large rochồng or in pouring concrete process rocks are concentrated in circuit, they must be given away.Stamping carefully without any mistake.Concrete pouring method for floor Divide pouring concrete part: Concrete part is defined for each small pour so that the pouring time is not up lớn 60min after being finished. This method is khổng lồ cut concrete pouring work in order to not be concentrated; therefore, concrete will not be separated. Moreover, after pouring the later concrete layer, the previous begins

Pour the floor concrete, contractor applies myriopod method. When pouring each layer, contractor uses stichồng khổng lồ cover in order khổng lồ the thickness of concrete is 1 centimet bigger than one of floor. Then, compacting carefully until there is an appearance of concrete layer .This the time, contractor stops compacting & conducting to lớn complete the concrete surface.

To confirm the thickness of floor concrete, contractor uses a stick connected to a bar .The thickness of concrete commits khổng lồ standard when when concrete surface meets the bar. Besides checking method, contractor arranges a survey machine to combine flat level và high cấp độ in pouring concrete. Maintenance method after pouring concrete:

Contractor needs khổng lồ prepare satchel, casing khổng lồ prevent rain or sunlight which affects lớn the unique of concrete

Concrete maintenance is an important part khổng lồ have sầu stable concrete & prevent structure surface from split. To guarantee the unique of concrete, contractor maintain concrete after 7 hours. For the floor, contractor focuses on damp-proof.

After pouring concrete and complete concrete surface, contractor prsự kiện work from radiation of the sun according to lớn requirements và TCXDVN: 318-2004 about maintenance and concrete structure

Concrete needs maintaining at least 7 days continuously and watered during that time

Requirements in concrete execution of the work

Before using, contractor gives investor chất lượng certificate to guarantee no alkali reaction

After designing concrete, contractor gets the sample to kiểm tra. Materials with standard is kept in the construction site to compare with other

In case of the rain, contractor covers against water

Concrete experiment:

After pouring concrete, contractor gets concrete samples in the work .The sample must have date, month, year, work name .Each sample group includes 6 pieces.3 pieces have age of 7 days và 3 pieces of 28 days.

Xem thêm: Jaw Là Gì ? Nghĩa Của Từ Jaw Trong Tiếng Việt Jaw Nghĩa Là Gì Trong Tiếng Việt

Contractor guarantees experiment equipments in the construction site & maintains during execution time:

+ Standard screen system

+ Suitable weighbridge, equipments to lớn identify moisture

+ Gauge glass

+ Concrete chạy thử equipments:

Cudgel and beam

16 metal patterns with 150mm to lớn try cube sample

Cistern 1. 2*1.2*0.6 lớn maintain concrete


Steel ruler 300mm

Contractor maintains experiment khổng lồ check work chất lượng during execution time. Experiment results are restored in work

After maintenance, contractor and investor kiểm tra concrete

Construction Material requirement

Construction is very important in execution. Thus, contractor conducts maintenance methods to lớn guarantee techniques from the beginning.

Bricks must be solid, not separated and reach the standard. Half baked bricks, brickbats are rejected.

Mortar commits to lớn kiến thiết. Using mixing mortar after 30 minutes, not using mixing mortar for a long time.


In the construction, contractor puts lead of waited steel to lớn connect wall to reduce plastiđô thị of construction blocks and concrete structure. Thus, there is no leak between concrete blocks and concrete structure.

Execution order và methods

Base on the centre of column when conducting to lớn place column in the formwork combination và concrete pour process .Mark ink border lines

Clean the wall foot by watering

Stretch the horizontal line .Building fontanels

Stretch vertical line (Use plum line)

Construction method

Stretch mortar on the bricks, near to lớn wall edges đơn.5 cm

The length of mortar layer leads lớn length of each brick (in the drawings)

Knochồng on the briông chồng to subside the mortar

Put the briông xã on the subsided mortar layer. Thickness of mortar vein is 1.2-1.5 centimet. Thickness of mortar vein is 1.5 cm. Use trowel lớn dredge two veins of wall to make it deeper 0.5 centimet.

Construction blocks demands:

Contractor ensures all construction bloông xã lớn be built at right position according to lớn thiết kế và stop point restriction.

The construction blochồng must be put stably, tight across and straight circuit, must be straight perpendicular lớn floor. Across wall beam, door beam must have sầu right geometric shape, structure và position according lớn height, smooth thiết kế.

In building process, let holes, water pipe drains, air-ducts and decorating position, unnecessary position can not be let holes to lớn weaken walls.

Crossing, liên hệ position of construction blocks must be built at the same time.

Contractor will put perpendicular measure & plumb line to at least 2directions, the height of each construction period is about 50-60centimet after drying mortar, build the next.

When building pillar next to wall, vì not let pillar have straight circuit.

Only after building pressing force structure of downstairs, we will build the upper stairs.

Do not collide with already built wall in order to lớn fallen it or affect the stability of wall structure.

Already built wall after 8 hours must be watered maintain layer so that the mortar have sầu enough water to lớn participate in physicochemical reaction; therefore, it will not be brittle, which ensures the construction volume.

Contractor will use standard steel plumb line to lớn check the vertical degree, and wooden or aluminum alloy measurer which have parallel and straight sides (2-2.5m) khổng lồ check the smooth of construction blocks. Contractor will use angle protractor to check the angle of construction blocks before building.

Contractor will equip protractor for each team, it is a light alloy which marks construction lines, beam position, windows & other parts.

Already building walls, mortar layer is not unit degree when raining. Contractor will use canvases lớn cover the mortar layer.

Technical engineer guides directly và checks regularly in construction during the daily building process.



Mortar of wall which has been kept for a long time. Then, conducting lớn mortar to lớn guarantee quality of mortar & affect to lớn surrounding work.

Before conducting mortar, contractor invites investor khổng lồ kiểm tra column centre, wall flat degree, tight mortar pulse.

Contractor conducts to mortar, contractor waters on walls, make wall surface & mortar adhesive. Mortar layer do not elastic

Mortar follows to kiến thiết, thickness depends on structure

Create drainage ditches khổng lồ sink wire column & technical box.

Mortar surface must be equal and solid

Type of mortar & thickness of mortar base on kiến thiết standard 15-20mm and divide mortar inkhổng lồ 2 periods. Vertical deviation is 0.5% và horizontal deviation is 0.8%

General requirements

Mortar surface is smooth

Angle has square shape

Guarantee structure standards

Contractor is responsible for mortar and completion. In mortaring angles, contractor uses angle ruler lớn check straight & square shape

Contractor maintains mortar layer after plastering 24 hours

Engineer team completes & are in works regularly

Pressing & plastering work:Plaster briông chồng is up khổng lồ the following factors:

Contractor’s title are up lớn these following parameters:

Absorbent degree Hp500kg/cm2.

Curving degree Ru>500n/mm2

Abrasion degree MnPlastering work:

Plastering work begins when structure work is finished. The plaster floor is smooth và clean.

Plaster material is in right sizes, colors, thiết kế. Plaster brick is at high standard. Cut bricks must be smooth.

Plaster floor is smooth, not rough. Checked by 2m long protractor. Slots between plaster floor & protractor Pressing work:

Pressing work is installed after building and taking over electrithành phố & water departments & other underground parts.

Press structure surface is according lớn straight direction. Across pressing circuit needs being full of mortar building pressing và building producer.

Clean the press floor after pressing each part or all parts. Cleaning the press floor is processed only after pressing circuit gets hard.

Press floor must be followed the following demands:

General press floor is ensured the right shape and geometric form size. The color must be the same.

Across và straight mortar circuit is sharp, straight, regular.

Mortar between structure and pressing bit is solid.

There is no stained point of paint và lime. When checking by 2m protractor, slot between pressing bit and protractor is Painting work:

After checking that all walls are so smooth, we vì chưng the painting. In painting process, kiểm tra every angle by lights. All mistakes must be corrected at once.

Painting layer surface is smooth, not rough.

Protection method must be made in crowded areas.

Glazing execution:

Structure is stable, no dirty, oil before Glazing.

To guarantee the connection between smooth mortar layer và floor, the smooth surface needs watering. If having the lined smooth layer divides 10 – 15centimet areas.

The last smooth layer uses cement s& mortar with maximum material rod Door installation:

– Wooden doors & aluminum-glass frame doors are manufactured in workshop according to lớn kiến thiết & rechecked through practical execution. Contractor will give product quality certification lớn investor before execution.

– Contractor guarantees installing with right technique and experienced team. Chechồng carefully straight, door frame smooth degree when installing.

-Aluminum-glass frame doors are checked by high pressure pump. The connection between door và wall is processed by glue and damp-proof.

– Coefficient of hardness of door must be high and no deformation.

– Detail installing must be accuracy. Doors must move smoothly. Bolt loông chồng, hinge are tight, fine art.

– Door surface must be smooth, no cement mortar or closed chemical on it.

– Glass is up-to lớn standard sản phẩm, no ripple.

– The filled connection is used with transparent và good silibé glue which is not changed color when sun & rain.

– Installing windows and doors are processed late. It is guaranteed not lớn spoil already work such as ceiling, wall…

– Hinge must have good incompetence & be installed tightly & accuracy. Handgrip, door lock must be installed tightly & accuracy.

– All door & glass wattle must have sầu good incompetence, against windstorm according to thiết kế.

Electrithành phố, thunder protection

Electricity execution

Contractor appoints a skillful & experienced engineer và technical team

Investor checks materials like conduit, wire protected pipes, plug foot protected pipe…

Contractor checks electriđô thị system before giving for investor

Electriđô thị execution divided into lớn 2 steps:

Step1: Stretch underground -wire

Step2: Installation floated wire equipments

Stretch underground wire

Investor checks unique of wire, conduit, and wire protected pipes, plug foot protected pipe….Then, contractor starts khổng lồ install

Before plastering walls, ceilings, contractor estimates wire plan, position of connection boxes, sockets, electricity box

Under ground wire pipe installation follow steps:

– Base on electriđô thị drawings, line electriđô thị bản đồ on the wall

– Cut pipe lớn help install pipes on right position

– Contractor puts plated corrugated or zinh pipe with thickness of 15mm. Thickness is equal to length of wall or floor. Contractor uses cement mortar to lớn keep wall or floor

– Guarantee distance between hot pipes and other heat surface is 15centimet. After installing pipes, it must be dry and contractor uses glue lớn connect pipes by pike

– At bend point, contractor uses spring – mattress and not reduce pipe area .Inside radius is not smaller than pipe diameter

– Pipes must guarantee: Straight, covered, smooth

– Ryên ổn pipe tight, avoid water và other objectives

– đoạn phim pipe carefully ,clip point is not exceed 200mm from electricity box edge .Distance between clips is not exceed 1000 milimet & 800 milimet khổng lồ the straight direction

– Before using pipe, if it is humid, contractor uses air compresses to make dry. After installing, contractor surveys and invites investor to check. Cover XR mortar on the pipes before finishing survey

ocket foot, switch foot, connection box, và electrithành phố box

Distance between socket và floor according to lớn design

Distance between switch và floor according to lớn design

Distance between electricity box and floor according to lớn design


Box foot, contractor estimates lớn prominence to lớn make foot & wall equal

Inside wall box are the same in types

Above electricity installation

Equipments are executed at last, after finishing others

Investor checks types of equipments .Quality of work must be checked. Packets are labeled dates and location, features. Contractor gives certificates lớn investor

After checking products, contractor installs equipments lớn be suitable for design. Equipments must be clipped carefully.

After installation, contractor invites investor lớn try & check

Thunder protections

Thunder protection system includes: Thunder collected needle D16 with length of 0.8m; Thunder collected line D10 placed on wall and ceiling. Ground connection steel line D14 connecting steel line & ground connection column is 63*63*6 with the length of 2.5 cm

After installing, contractor investor lớn check, contractor guarantee features : Underground connected resistance R Drainage và supply water system

Consist of running water, fire fighting supply system and drainage system for completion

Drainage and supply water system is galvanized và PVC & vị according khổng lồ requirement

Inside wall equipments are placed by contractor. After installing, contractor will thử nghiệm run lớn kiểm tra pressure and takeover

Pressure for drainage system is 0.7 kg/cmét vuông and trial run time is 12 hour, reducing pressure to be smaller than 0.005 kg/cm2.Contractor gives trial methods to investor to try

In executing water supply system, contractor guarantees tight và is not leaked out

Base on kiến thiết and requirement of contraction document, checking & taking over types. Then, contractor starts to lớn install equipments

Sanitation equipments must be clean until taking over. Avoiding remained sand, collected funnel is without cement, s&, paint…

Forbid using before sanitation equipments except in experiment

Damp-roof work

– Damp-roof work is very important because it affects khổng lồ using và aesthetic. Thus, contractor supervises tightly execution.

– Damp-roof work demands the combination of many phases, even BTCT execution will be noticed carefully.

– Aggregates (sand, rock) must be cleaned by fresh water before concrete pouring. This part of reinforcement concrete needs additive sầu material to improve damp-proof competence of structure. Additive sầu material is used following lớn supervisor.

– Proof floor & nhà vệ sinh floor must be soaked with cement water during 20 days.

– Concrete surface must be cleaned before damp-proof execution. Its surface must be dry và cleaned by pressure-blower.

– Damp-proof surface must be filled with a pure cement mortar layer before plastering or bottom concrete pouring. Concrete pouring work to make slope needs executing when mortar layer is still wet so that it is guaranteed mortar layer is not harmed.

– The second damp-proof by glue is processed above the surface of slope khổng lồ satisfy the dem& of smooth slope. After that, it is swept according khổng lồ thiết kế.

– In the position of drainage pipe must be used metal, no plastic funnel.


– Construction has a beautiful view and demands fine art chất lượng và high technique. In order to guarantee about fine art quality, high technique và progress construction, contractor will arrange staff team & experienced engineers lớn manage the structure.

– Contractor will use a suitable method khổng lồ manage manpower. Each employee will receive sầu detail work và have sầu high responsibility.

– Contractor ensures to lớn use qualified employee.

Progress construction diagram:

– Ensure to lớn follow the right thiết kế, contract document & requirement of investor.

– Ensure khổng lồ exexinh đẹp with good quality, safety và the right process.

– Arrange myriapod, flexible method according to lớn the details work.

– Arrange manpower to lớn be suitable with process, each work and guarantee process line is suitable & not overlap and waste.

– Supplying material is guaranteed to lớn be on time & never to lớn be in shortage condition.

– Machine is supplied to lớn be on right time according to lớn process. Contractor uses mechanization inkhổng lồ process. In necessary case, contractor will add more machines to lớn hasten the process according lớn investor.

– Supply enough formwork, scaffold for concrete pouring and 3 floors and avoiding the death time.

– Guarantee lớn combine và impart the investor’s idea.

Contractor và represented investor always check process và plan on every Monday to guarantee the rate of progress.

With this alặng và plan, Contractor guarantees khổng lồ finish all of work within 190 days.


A.III.1. General Explanation.

Contractor especially appreciates building construction chất lượng management. Building construction quality is the main ayên of contractor. Building construction quality also is the main factor which creates stable belief of investor to contractor and this makes contractor successful.


Main materials

Contractor guarantees the standard unique for all material according to lớn technical stipulation thiết kế. All material will have sầu certificated quality result, finished bill, chất lượng register of producer, experienced result lớn present to investor before using. Contractor will guarantee to supply 100% newly material according khổng lồ design.


Using Porlvà PC30 cement following lớn TCcả nước 2682-92 standard. The spare time of batch of cement before use is within 3 months. Manufactured date and year is on the wrapping or have certificated producer.

S&, Rock

Construction uses mainly yellow, blaông chồng sand. Roông chồng is stable enough, no impurities not to lớn influence to lớn concrete’s volume, stability and damp-proof. Roông chồng is grinded by machines. Contractor guarantees not to use exploited, manual roông xã.

Mixed concrete

Contractor will supply fully fresh concrete lớn be suitable with process according khổng lồ design’s label and have sầu enough chất lượng certification.


Use Thai Nguyen steel or qualified steel according khổng lồ investor’s dem&.

Other material

Other material using in construction will be guaranteed about chất lượng according to investor.


Contractor will have sầu plans lớn supply motor bike, detail execution equipment to lớn each period according khổng lồ the amount of work. Contractor guarantees khổng lồ have sầu the best effect & right process.

Contractor will add more amount of motor bike in necessary case according khổng lồ work & process.

Contractor will contact directly and have necessary permission to lớn transport all type material and machine khổng lồ construction. Contractor supplies the amount of scaffold, formwork in right dem&.


Technical supervisors

Construction engineers, responsible skillful và experienced supervisors includes:

+Technical engineers (Machine, Construction equipment) : 1 person

+ Construction technical engineers (plan, materials) : 1 person

+ Supervisor : 2 persons

+ Construction engineers (Execution) : 2 persons

Execution methods for each specific work, kiểm tra working procedure of workers

Combine with controllers to check và take over works, mix up checking certificate, completion document

Checking quality of materials, safety

Engineers, technical engineers and workers in work

Arranging technical staffs in work who are generic, experienced, và healthy. These staffs guide and check work regularly work

+ Geodesic engineers : 01 person

+ Electric và water engineers : 02 persons

+ Construction engineers : 03 persons

+ Architect : 03 persons

Checking and taking over inside between supervisors of company và water construction company. After finishing, investor concludes

Set up construction work document diary, other certificates


Skillful workers have grade of more than 3/7 & are trained about construction field. This team took part in many works


Equipments are equipped for execution of workers; ensure chất lượng, capađô thị as following:

+ Mason:

Ruler , hard aluminum rulerPlumb bobNivoSquare angle rulerNylon lineSteel scaffoldBrick và concrete cutting machines

+ Home decorated carpenters are quipped:

Electric– saw, planer, air compressor, nail gun, rulers, and plumb bob

+ Steel man is equipped:

Cutting machine, curved steel machine, wielding machine

Use all general equipments to lớn serve sầu execution effectively và fast like: using excavation machine, oto, steel scaffold, formwork in execution và equip light system at night…

Equip computers, telephone, fax, mobile phone…

+ Survey department

Arrange staffs, survey engineer with experience

Use measurement machines for survey:

02 theodolite machines02 water box machinesSteel ruler with length of 100m

These kinds of machines must be tested and licensed

Survey team must be in construction work

Survey team must be in construction work from the beginning khổng lồ completing work.

Set up axis center, construction work center, border

Serve completion work, measure to complete the work.


Plan execution progress in detail every week; combine between concrete, raw construction, plaster, ashlar pave

Combine execution works to avoid overlapping

Prepare space reasonably, avoid making noise và dirty lớn surrounding works


Cheông chồng and take over according lớn order, from inside contractor to lớn contractor & technical supervisor. At last, transfer work. Basis of taking over is:

Tested design documentTechnical regulations and instructions of producers to maintain materialsTest results, experiment và equipment volume are done during construction process


Choose high -quality material factories và supply sources

Quality material test: It is very important lớn guarantee work quality. Materials must be tested before transferring khổng lồ the work and investor khổng lồ chạy thử quality

Main materials must be tested:

– Reinforcement

– Concrete

– Cement

– Brichồng … ( Serve sầu for building, plasting…)


NoMain materialManufactured source
1PC30 cementHoang Mai, Bim Son, Nghi Son or so on
2White cementHai Phong Trắng cement or so on
3Mixed reteMixed station
4Steel typesTnhị Nguyen steel
5Thread brickLabel A1 type factory>=75
6Sand typesVietphái nam standard fresh sand
7Macadam typesGrinder by machine standard rochồng Kien Khe-Phu Ly
8PaintKOVA paint, Mexilitex or so on
9Pressing non-slip brickViglacera brick
10Plastering ceramic brickViglacera, Long Hau, Hong Ha brick
11Door typesDepover on kiến thiết type
12Material & equipment electricityAccording khổng lồ design
13Material and equipment drainageAccording lớn design
14Casing, formworkFixative corrugated casing and wooden pressing casing
15Scaffold, satchelPAL, Minh Khai scaffold; steel constriction satchel


Besides, all material will be supplied inlớn construction according to thiết kế & investor’s demand.


General explanation

Contractor is responsible for work execution according to agreement, guarantee work quality according to technical drawings, procedure và execution, construction standard, construction chất lượng.

Contractor guarantees high unique to any articles concerning to lớn work, from space preparation, l& survey, dimension precise, material unique & work completion

Contractor notices to lớn investor to lớn consider & khuyễn mãi giảm giá with if there is any problem. Contractor giao dịch with by themselves. After discussing with investor, contractor prepares and dismounts

Contractor notices to lớn investor if there is any problem in kiến thiết document as well as petition method for contractor to consider & approve sầu.

Materials are transferred in work like: cement, reinforcement, s&, roông chồng, briông xã. Concrete must are tested

Materials for damp- proof must be tested

Materials have resources

At last, all materials must be allowed by contractor and Supervisor.

Once more time, contractor confirms each work quality


Read, look at design drawing: pivot, beam, floor, stair…

Use right type of reinforcement designed in drawings & only using when having certificate

Test dimension of reinforcement

Execution following lớn restriction, technical standard processed by Vietnam

Reinforcement is processed, installed according to lớn drawings

Workers have grade and experience

Provide equipments fully for reinforcement

Reinforcement in concrete must be tested và accepted by engineer supervisor

Forbid cutting concrete by Acetylene

Concrete execution

Concrete execution plays an important role in deciding tonnage burden of work

Check landslide degree in concrete pour place và note in document (responsibility of contractor)

Cast concrete sample in concrete place (sample volume according khổng lồ restrictions)

Press concrete sample done in laboratory (Age result 7 days and 28 days)

Form of cement, svà, rock and concrete samples are noted full

Concrete pour and concrete beam are done according khổng lồ restrictions of supervisors, investors và contractors

Concrete meets lớn standard in Vietnam

Concrete maintenance is done after 24h from pouring time, then, maintain within 7 days continuously.

Use pump lớn waterUse equipments lớn cover direct lightDistribute people khổng lồ maintain everyday

Largest height for concrete is 1.5m. Using pipe khổng lồ pour concrete when structure is greater than 30cm

Thickness of structure is larger than 60 centimet, pour, & beam into each layer of 30 cm thick

Forbid using additive having Canxi

Formwork combination

Untie reinforcement, steel columns with steel beam and wooden satchel with dimension of more than 10*12 cm

Formwork used with thickness of more than 3 centimet. Thickness of corrugated ion formwork is 1.5 to 2 cm

Adjust partition formwork by method: Soft line with tender

Use theololite to lớn check straight degree of formwork system before pouring or using plumb bob to adjust

Use water box machine to lớn kiểm tra beam formwork system

Clean before pouring concrete

Use bolt & clip instead of nail


Use survey khổng lồ place the position lớn build wall on the space

Bricks have right types, grade

Water bricks before construction from 20 to lớn 30 minutes

Mix mortar by machine according to lớn grade. Mixed materials are calculated carefully

Use nylon line to create square angles

Circuit meets to requirement

Full mortar between bricks


Contractor applies progressive science & công nghệ to execute construction in order to guarantee process và unique. Contractor uses execution machine at maximum cấp độ lớn improve work quality và reduce process time.

– Contractor uses fixative steel type with materials such as: scaffold, satchel, casing to improve sầu work unique and reduce process time.

– Contractor uses elevator system khổng lồ transport material to lớn high position. This system is tidy and have sầu high feature.

– Contractor uses experienced engineer và employee to execute this construction.

– Contractor supplies adequate amount of fixative sầu formwork, scaffold of all floors on time khổng lồ guarantee process of construction.

– Supply adequate material on time according to design

– Set up and control process of each detail work

– Contractor will equip communication and electrithành phố system in order to lớn guarantee about regular contact.


NoMachine, equipment nameQuantityParameterMade in
IMain execution equipment
 4KOBELCO tire digger01Vg=0.8 m3Japan
 5IFA, KAMAZ lorry075-12 tonGerman, Russia
 6Sperm compressor0220 CvChina
 7Concrete mixing machine022.8 Kw; 250lChina
 8Mortar mixing concrete03150lChina
 9Concrete pumping car0180m3/hGerman
10Concrete rammer- drilling rammer051.1 KWChina
11Concrete rammer- floor rammer031.5 KWChina
12Iron cutting machine021998China
13Iron curving machine021998China
14Wielding machine0224 KVAVietnam
15Electric generator0140 KVAJapan
16Concrete driller022.5 KWGerman
19Pump0315-30 m3/hKorea, Italia
20MISAKA rammer0260-80 KgJapan
21Handle machine20nhật bản, Korea, Trung Quốc, Vietnam
22Phố Minh Khai finish machine1200 single unitVietnam
23PAL combination scaffold600 single unitVietnam
24D68 steel satchel300Vietnam
25Casing types5000m2Plywood, metalVietnam
26Safe net, sign02 unitVietnam
IIExperiment check equipment
 102 unitVietnam
 2Shape casting concrete06 unitVietnam
 3Pressing experiment concrete machine01Spain
 4Pouring concrete spout01Switzerland
 5Experiment steel machine01China

All machines are proved lớn guarantee process. Contractor commits lớn supply adequate all machines and equipment for execution and have sầu more machines if necessary


 Contractor is always concerning about chất lượng, giải pháp công nghệ, & progress of the project. This is the important factor to lớn decide success and development of company

In project:” Golf club house –Chuong My District- Ha Tay Province”. We commit khổng lồ warrantee construction work within 12 months from hand–over date .In maintenance time, we allow staffs lớn help you to solve sầu problems

Ttiết minc giải pháp thi công bình giờ đồng hồ Anh (Phần 2)Tmáu minc giải pháp thi công bằng tiếng Anh (Phần 3)Tngày tiết minch giải pháp thi công bằng giờ đồng hồ Anh (Phần 4)Thuyết minh giải pháp thi công bằng giờ Anh (Phần 5)Tngày tiết minh giải pháp thi công bình giờ đồng hồ Anh (Phần 6)

Cảm ơn các bạn vẫn sát cánh cùng Hồ sơ xuất bản. Chúc các bạn thành công xuất sắc !Câu hỏi : sửa giàn pkhá royal cityMật khẩu: 201XXXX (7 ký kết từ số) . Xem biện pháp sở hữu bên dưới.

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