The expressway system stretching far beyond the đô thị limits speeded the decentralization of Trắng population khổng lồ the suburbs.

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Expressway building and urban renewal programmes in the 1950s and 1960s provided powerful tools khổng lồ reshape urban space and its uses.
On the other h&, private discourse often laments the loss of beloved places - the meadow turned inlớn a mall, the đô thị neighborhood cut through by an expressway.
No one in his right mind would attempt khổng lồ cross the expressway on foot, because the traffic is so heavy.
An expressway could be designed lớn suit long-distance journeys with fewer junctions, và could also improve conditions on the original road, freeing up space there.
Expressways have been built instead of feeder roads to lớn markets; office blocks have been built when homes were needed instead of shanty towns.
As for the first junction, there is already a considerable problem with traffic tailbaông chồng at the expressway, particularly in the evening rush hour.
In the case of motorways and expressways they have sầu been public meetings, but for treatment areas they have been private, with local groups participating.
Is she aware that many stretches of our motorways & expressways are tourist attractions in themselves all the year round?
Workmen who were late for work were injured when they tried lớn cross the expressway with using the overhead bridges.
I realise that uncertainty about the expressway is causing considerable difficulty in the comprehensive sầu development area.
It is at the moment a question of waiting for the corporation and the county council to produce their proposals for the expressway.

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