Even with a load of electronic gadgetry, you still need some musical ability to lớn write a successful tuy vậy.

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I tried khổng lồ reason with hyên ổn, but even as I started lớn explain what had happened he stood up to leave sầu.
I"ve thought about it so much, but even now I can"t believe sầu how lucky I was khổng lồ survive the accident.
An immediate interest cut might give a small boost lớn the economy. Even so, any recovery is likely khổng lồ be very slow.

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The conjunctions but and although/though connect ideas that contrast. Whereas is also used but it is not as common: …
But is a coordinating conjunction used to connect ideas that contrast. Coordinating conjunctions connect items which are the same grammatical type. …
Although/though can be used khổng lồ contrast ideas. Although/though are subordinating conjunctions used lớn connect a subordinate clause to a main clause, like after, as, before, if, since, that, even though, even if. …
But cannot be used in the same way as although/though. We use but to connect items which are the same grammatical type (coordinating conjunction). …
Even though và even if are also used as subordinating conjunctions in the same way as although/though. Even though is similar to lớn although but it makes a stronger contrast: …
When even refers to lớn a whole clause or sentence, we usually put it in the normal mid position for adverbs, between the subject & the main verb, after the modal verb or first auxiliary verb, or after be as a main verb: …
We use even so khổng lồ make a contrast, khổng lồ mean ‘despite something’. It has a similar meaning to lớn however or nevertheless. …
You should try khổng lồ work at an even rate instead of taking it easy one day & working flat out the next.
The weather forecast said that there"s an even chance of thunderstorms tonight (= that it is equally likely that there will or will not be storms).
used to lớn refer to lớn a situation in which you risk money on something where the risk is equally balanced, và will pay bachồng twice the amount of money that is paid if it is successful:
Sheila was awarded a scholarship in chemistry, và now her brother has evened the score with a scholarship in economics.
an even trade/giảm giá Both parties considered the exchange an even trade, with each property valued at $1.7 million.
get back/stay/keep on an even keel Investors are hoping the new board will help chia sẻ prices get baông chồng on an even keel.





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