informal : fellow sense 4c, man sense 1a(1) a nice fella "The fella who does the windows here sometimes puts a striped shirt with a striped tie and a striped suit…"— Teri Agins A fella who accepts himself and is relaxed inlớn who he is—that appeals khổng lồ people.— Rebecca Winters Keegan Moments when a feller needs a frikết thúc và so forth.— Phường.

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Wodehouse Gunnysack Johnson observed that "notoàn thân can talk as interestingly as the feller that"s not hampered by facts or information."— Jyên ổn Reed

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bloke , chap , chappie , galoot , Visit the Thesaurus for More

Recent Examples on the Web So this debate may have sầu gone down then if the big fella was inside Studio J that night. — Duane Rankin, The Arizomãng cầu Republic, "Phoenix Suns: Should Chris Paul be in the NBA MVPhường conversation? Charles Barkley thinks so," 14 Mar. 2021 Now the little fella is starting to lớn move around, but always cthua trận to his mother"s side. — NBC News, "Health experts urge spring Covid caution, FBI intel failures in spotlight, plus lathử nghiệm on Tiger Woods," 24 Feb. 2021 Lakeville South coach Ben Burk values more than the big fella"s obvious attributes. — Star Tribune, "Meet the Star Tribune"s nine top college football prospects from Minnesota high schools," 15 Dec. 20đôi mươi Herman getting fired for not playing the young fella early. — Dallas News, "National reaction khổng lồ Texas’ win over Kansas State: In Bijan Robinson, Longhorns finally have a ‘young superstar’ RB," 5 Dec. 20đôi mươi Negan played the bait to lớn lure Beta away from Lydia, and while blinded by his rage at the sight of the man who beheaded his beloved Altrộn, Beta never saw Daryl, who announced his arrival by plunging two knives in the big fella"s eyes.

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— Dalton Ross,, "Ryan Hurst goes inside Beta"s "nightmare fuel" fate on The Walking Dead," 5 Oct. 2020 Jachồng, an appealingly puppyish & hapless fella, yearns for more meaning & connection in a world of shallow hipster hypocrisy. — Tribune News Service, cleveland, "‘Save Yourselves!’ follows familiar formula, but proves prescient (review)," 30 Sep. 20trăng tròn Again, the guess here is that the young fella has the goods. — Greg Moore, The Arizomãng cầu Republic, "Are the Cardinals for real? If they are Kyler Murray can prove it over the next 5 games," 30 Oct. 20trăng tròn Going 12-2 straight-up and landing the Upphối Special makes a fella feel kind of smart. — Mark Craig, Star Tribune, "Mark Craig"s Week 8 NFL picks against the spread," 29 Oct. 2020

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