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Bạn đang xem: Grimace là gì

an expression of pain or disgust in which the muscles of the face are tightened và the face looks twisted
The misogyny of the work is tempered by the mien of the suitor: eyes bulging, he, too, shows his teeth in an unflattering, goofy grimace.
Sometimes only partial materialization was achieved, with grimacing faces, flapping hands, and so on poking out from the cabinet.
However, the teachers noted an excess of twitches & grimaces at age 15 years and also poor performance in physical activities.
The mature animals were also tested on their ability to lớn discriminate fear grimaces from open mouth threats.
His face is often covered with improbable facial hair, pulled inkhổng lồ grimaces, and topped with outlandish hats.
Her skeletal face features a wide toothy grimace; strands of curling, tousled hair may once have been attached lớn the series of holes along the hairline.
What was left - the grin (or perhaps grimace) after the cát had disappeared - were the ethical stances, the parade of virtue amidst corruption, the foundations of a " country " tradition.
And they produce these grimaces precisely when they arrive sầu at those dissonances that offkết thúc the sense, to lớn demonstrate that which they vì chưng, others should likewise bởi.
They looked terrified at the bear of a man striding towards them with an extraordinary grimace on his face.
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