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low-kết thúc products or goods are cheaper & more basic than other similar ones sold in the same market: low-end PC/product/mã sản phẩm In an effort khổng lồ undercut competitors, the company recently unveiled a low-over model that sells for as little as $360.

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In these ways, pottery is similar lớn lowend textiles, but ceramics usually vày not have the high-over value that cloth can have. For the high-end value, we double this number, và, for the lowend, we again use their small thành phố value of $550. The low-wage workers represented in lowend plans may be constrained in their access khổng lồ healthcare in other ways. The design of segment-specific systems is the key khổng lồ entering the lowend market with a restricted range of products, and within clearly defined cost targets. While a few ” high-end ” carvers kept discerning buyers & collectors supplied with ” original ” work, ” lowend ” carvers provided vast quantities of inexpensive sầu pieces for the mass market. One may suspect that salespersons just vị not have sầu any more knowledge than customers, as the goods involved are everyday necessities & other lowend leisure items.

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The company sold no fewer than 15 product lines, yet its lowend consumer products were widely derided as technological also-rans. With the engine”s lowend torque, they also found their way into lớn boats và machinery such as forklift trucks.

Most lowend và mid-range amplifiers omit the phono input but, on the other hvà, lowend turntables with built-in phono pre-amplifiers are widely available. Most often, successful start-ups begin with lowend or downmarket customers with low income & low costs. However, the maximum torque remained unchanged but the lowend torque was improved compared with the early models. These examples are from corpora and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples bởi not represent the opinion of the editors or of University Press or its licensors.


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