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Robot written content in the future will be cohesive sầu và readable by humans.quý khách hàng sẽ xem: Neil patel là ai

Indeed, Associated Press (AP) and other publishers already push out content without human bylines. Here’s an example article about Apple topping Q1 forecasts in năm ngoái.

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In the span of 7 years, the number of indexed pages on Google has also increased, from 1 trillion lớn 30 trillion. That’s a huge jump!


If you’ve followed me for a while, then you’ll know that I LOVE writing. BuzzSumo analyzed my articles & found that my high volume publishing strategy puts me in competition with other major mạng internet marketing publishers.


So for upping your nội dung frequency, automated nội dung tools can be a great option. The Washington Post recently experimented with automated storytelling, during the Olympics. Basically, an in-house bot (Heliograf) took data from and whipped it inlớn short narratives. Here are example updates from the 2012 Olympics data that the Washington Post posted.


chú ý that other human writers & editors were present lớn edit the content và publish more in-depth pieces. The Washington Post is also going khổng lồ rely on automated stories during the presidential elections.

Second, the AI bots are coming after written content, as of now. So, it won’t remain as valuable in future. But, what about đoạn phim, audio, interactive & other forms of content? Adopting trending content formats will give sầu you the edge.

3. You can expect to see artificial intelligence-designed websites

How can designing websites be left to lớn humans when robots plan lớn take over content creation?

Look at the last 5 years:

Do you realize how designing websites has become so much easier?

There are platforms, lượt thích WordPress and Wix, that are beginner-friendly. You can easily drag và drop elements to lớn build fully functional websites. Indeed, many developers offer themes và plugins to lớn customize your trang web.

The problem with such pre-made template websites is that they can become extremely common & convert poorly. That’s why businesses rely on the expertise of proficient trang web designers và coders lớn optimize their trang web. Choosing fonts, colors, layout and other aspects is such a hassle.

In the future, though, an ordinary webmaster will probably not need kiến thiết talent.

An artificially intelligent powered assistant (of course) will ask you a few questions about your business và the type of trang web that you want to lớn create.

And, BOOM!

You’ll have sầu a fully functional website, without coding or organizing elements.

There are platforms, lượt thích The Grid, that have algorithms và rules in place for designing websites. And, they are powered by artificial intelligence.

But, kiến thiết is an art. It’s about breaking the rules & making bold decisions. So, The Grid has received flak for its custom solutions, since it lacks human intelligence.

Startups, lượt thích Wix, have sầu also taken up the challenge. They are mining tons of their 85 million users’ data, lớn train algorithms and extract exciting thiết kế possibilities. Since AI relies heavily on data, we’ll probably see more intelligent and creative designs, once more as businesses join the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) bandwagon.

Here’s an example website that was created by bots, khổng lồ show you what you can expect.

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4. The mạng internet of things presents a great opportunity lớn personalize your marketing

As everyday objects get internet connectivity, you’ll have a wealth of consumer data. You can hyper-personalize your marketing, when you’ve got insights on your customer behaviors in such detail. With more relevant messaging catching your customers at the right moments, you’ll see higher engagement & cthảm bại more sales.

Markekhổng lồ suggests that marketers will use the IoT in several ways.

With access lớn specific problems and data about your customers, you can expect sale to lớn reach a more personal, deeper cấp độ. And, you’ll be able to offer solutions to the everyday problems of each consumer.

If you want more insights on how the IoT will revolutionize online kinh doanh, then I recommover that you read this article that I wrote for Forbes.

5. Businesses will creatively use augmented và virtual reality

Meet artificial intelligence’s graphically enhanced frikết thúc, augmented reality. Facebook has heavily invested in the technology and Zuckerberg pointed out that

Virtual reality has the potential to lớn become the most social platform.

Augmented reality is playful, exciting, social và personal. And, you can use it khổng lồ integrate virtual content in the real physical world.

Businesses are currently using it to create compelling customer experiences around their products. Let me quickly show you a few examples.

Northern Lightning is sale its complete furniture collection in 3D augmented reality. Not only are customers more engaged when using their augmented sản phẩm catalog, but it’s also reduced the company’s need for huge numbers of physical samples and the costs associated with their production và shipping. is using it lớn improve sầu the online shopping experience of its customers, too. They sell gymnastic bars và sandboxes for kids. The augmented experience helps customers lớn get familiar with the shape, kích cỡ and appearance of the products.

Ray Ban uses virtual mirror khổng lồ show you an augmented experience of how different sunglasses suit your face.

AR will only get more affordable and easier to use as adoption increases.

But, instead of jumping on the AR trover & creating an app:

First, focus on understanding your customers and how you’ll integrate the experience in the customer’s journey.

Ana Javornik offers compelling advice on augmented reality for marketers in this article.

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I am sure that you might have other ideas on how these technologies will change sale. Share them with me in the comments below.

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