*tính từ
 sâu kín, huyền bí
 Occult arts
 Những thuật huyền bí
 the occult
 điều bí ẩn
*nước ngoài cồn từ
 đậy khuất, che lấp
*nội cồn từ
 bị bít tắt hơi, bị bịt lấp

occult▸ noun his interest in the occult: THE SUPERNATURAL, supernaturalism, magic, blaông xã magic, witchcraft, sorcery, necromancy, wizardry, the blaông xã arts, occultism, diabolism, devil worship, devilry, voodoo, hoodoo, trắng magic, mysticism; NZ makutu.▸ adjective1occult powers: SUPERNATURAL, magic, magical, mystical, mystic, psychic, preternatural, transcendental; cabbalistic, hermetic.

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2the typically occult language of the time: ESOTERIC, arcane, recondite, abstruse, secret; obscure, incomprehensible, impenetrable, puzzling, perplexing, mystifying, mysterious, enigmatic.
■ ẩn
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occult bleeding: ra máu ẩn
occult mineral: khoáng đồ gia dụng ẩn
occult mineral
■ khoáng vật tiềm tàng

* tính từ - sâu kín, huyền bí . the occult - điều huyền bí* ngoại động từ - che tắt thở, bịt lấp* nội hễ từ - bị bịt khuất, bị bịt lấp
occult■ noun ɒ"kʌlt, "ɒkʌlt (the occult
) supernatural or magical powers, practices, or phenomemãng cầu. ■ adjective sầu ɒ"kʌlt, "ɒkʌlt 1》 involving or relating khổng lồ the occult. 2》 esoteric. 3》 Medicine (of a disease or process) not accompanied by readily discernible signs or symptoms. ⁃ (of blood) abnormally present, but detectable only chemically or microscopically. ■ verb ɒ"kʌlt 1》 cut off from view by interposing something. 2》 Astronomy (of a celestial body) conceal (an apparently smaller body) from view by passing or being in front of it. Derivativesoccultationnoun occultismnoun occultistnoun occultlyadverb occultnessnoun OriginC15 (earlier (ME) as occultation): from L. occultare "secrete", frequentative sầu of occult-, occulere "conceal".
noun1. supernatural forces và events & beings collectively- She doesn"t believe sầu in the supernatural • Syn: supernatural• Derivationally related forms: supernatural (for: supernatural ) Hypernyms: causal agent , cause , causal agency Member Meronyms: spiritual being , supernatural being Part Meronyms: theurgy , destiny , fate2.

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supernatural practices và techniques- he is a student of the occult • Syn: occult arts • Hypernyms: practice , patternII verb1. cause an eclipse of (a celestial body) by intervention- The Sun eclipses the moon today- Planets và stars often are occulted by other celestial bodies • Syn: eclipse• Derivationally related forms: eclipse (for: eclipse ) Hypernyms: overshadow• Verb Frames:- Something ----s something2. become concealed or hidden from view or have sầu its light extinguished- The beam of light occults every so often • Hypernyms: change• Verb Frames:- Something ----s3. hide from view- The lids were occulting her eyes • Hypernyms: conceal , hold bachồng , hold in• Verb Frames:- Something ----s somethingIII adjective1. hidden và difficult lớn see- an occult fracture- occult blood in the stool• Similar to: invisible , unseeable2. having an import not apparent to lớn the senses nor obvious to the intelligence; beyond ordinary understanding- mysterious symbols- the mystical style of Blake- occult lore- the secret learning of the ancients • Syn: mysterious , mystic , mystical , secret , orphic• Similar to: esoteric• Derivationally related forms: mystic (for: mystical ), mystic (for: mystic ), mystery (for: mysterious )
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