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path bước, mặt đường đi; quỹ đạo p. of continuous group quỹ đạo vào một đội liên tục p. of a projectile mặt đường đạn asymptotic p. (giải tích) mặt đường tiệm cận closed p. đường đóng edge p. con đường gấp khúc, con đường cạnh không tính tiền p. đường di động tự do homotopic p.s lối đi đồng luân inverse p. mặt đường nghịch mean không tính phí p. đường thoải mái trung bình minimal p. mặt đường rất tiểu product p. đường tích random p. đường đi ngẫu nhiên
o (con) đường § path of seismic waves : đường truyền sóng địa chấn

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Từ điển Collocation

path noun

1 way across l&

ADJ. long | narrow | steep | winding | cliff, coast, coastal, forest, garden, woodl& | pedestrian, public | cycle | bridle

VERB + PATH follow, go along/down/up, take Follow this path for about 100 metres, & it"s on your right. | climb | keep on/to lớn, stay on | leave, stray off | clear, make A path was cleared through the jungle.

PATH + VERB go, run That path goes down lớn the sea. | descover | follow sth The path follows the stream for quite a way. | branch off, leave sầu sth The path left the river bank and wound its way inlớn the woods. | divide, fork | go to sth, lead (to) sth Where does this path lead? | bear left/right | wind, zig-zag Then the path zig-zags steeply uphill for a while. | be marked (sth), be signposted (sth) The path is clearly marked. | narrow, widen

PREP.. along/down/up a/the ~ children running along the path | on a/the ~ I think we"re on the path we used yesterday. | ~ along/beside/by the path along the canal | ~ for a path for cyclists | ~ from the path from the hotel to lớn the beach | ~ through I took the path through the park. | ~ to lớn

2 line of movement

ADJ. correct | flight The pilot was instructed lớn change his flight path.

VERB + PATH steer He steered a path through the crowd. | trace Scientists can trace the path of the tornavì chưng. | block, st& in You"re standing in my path!

PREP.. across sth"s ~ The oto pulled right across the path of another vehicle. | in/inlớn the sth"s ~ She stepped inlớn the path of an oncoming lorry. | out of sth"s ~ I managed lớn jump out of the path of the xe đạp just in time. | ~ through Footsteps had scored a diagonal path through the snow. | ~ khổng lồ He moved quickly lớn bloông chồng her path lớn the door.

PHRASES everything in sb/sth"s path The tornado destroyed everything in its path.

3 way of achieving sth

ADJ. well-trodden, well-worn Her education followed the usual well-worn path of rich youngsters in the 1930s. | chosen | career

VERB + PATH choose, find Everyone has to find their own path in life. | follow, pursue, tread | deviate from

PREPhường. on a/the ~ His feet were now firmly on the path lớn success. | ~ of The path of true love sầu is never easy. | ~ to the path khổng lồ happiness

PHRASES obstacles in sb/sth"s path

Từ điển WordNet

Microsoft Computer Dictionary

n. 1. In communications, a links between two nodes in a network. 2. A route through a structured collection of information, as in a database, a program, or files stored on disk. 3. In programming, the sequence of instructions a computer carries out in executing a routine. 4. In information processing, such as the theory underlying expert (deductive) systems, a logical course through the branches of a tree of inferences leading lớn a conclusion. 5.In file storage, the route followed by the operating system through the directories in finding, sorting, và retrieving files on a disk. 6. In graphics, an accumulation of line segments or curves khổng lồ be filled or drawn.

English Synonym & Antonym Dictionary

pathssyn.: line road route track trail way
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