World-renowned Asian-American bodybuilder, international underwear model, gay adult film producer, adult entertainer, và personality Peter Le graces our fair city with his presence on an annual basis, so we decided to talk lớn him khổng lồ find out just how he came lớn do what he does best: his club appearances at Funky. Of course, we also delved into lớn how his Asian heritage serves hlặng in the industry, in China specifically.

Le was born to lớn Vietnamese parents in California: “Growing up I was bullied because I am Asian. This made me focus on getting stronger, working out, & trying khổng lồ be more American. Almost lượt thích how a football player is built, but I did wrestling. Most Asian kids in high school, they play badminton, so I wanted lớn vày something totally different và be more American. I put my mind lớn working out and finding the best way to lớn improve my body toàn thân and my health. It got me lớn where I am today.”

But growing up, Le still felt a strong liên kết lớn his Asian heritage. “I vì chưng identify myself with being Asian as well, I can’t really speak Vietnamese that well, but enough to get by. It’s different with Asian-American culture, because living in America, you’re not raised as you would be in Asia so most people who are from Asia & who later live sầu in America are unable to lớn relate to you. And people in America, such as Caucasians, they don’t see you as American. So you’re like a small separate group from the whole world. And it’s tough, being Asian-American in America.”


Le’s Asian descent might just be what sets hlặng apart in the industry, becoming both a role model and inhỏ. “Most of my fans are from Asia,” he tells us. “Funky started lớn bring to create a reputation of doing something outside the normal Chinese clubs, I think it was great for them. They reached out lớn me in particular because they knew I have sầu a huge người base in Trung Quốc.

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It is a great sale strategy for them to lớn have me there because most of my fans are Chinese. The second biggest group is Americans.”

Many Chinese people see Le as a gay ibé in the same way that Asian-Americans vày, because his Asian appearance is something that they feel they can relate by Margaux Schreurs lớn. “ see me as an ibé, because growing up in America, most Asian kids don’t really come across any Asian role models. They see the American superheroes who are all Caucasians, but not Asians. I put myself out there & that’s why I got a great response. And I worked hard for it, too.”

But his Asian background has not always made it easy for him khổng lồ work towards his goals, especially because of his sexuality & difficulty with the Vietnamese language. “ don’t really have a great way to communicate, it’s not really in-depth when we have conversations... và there are things that I have sầu to hide from them, for example being an producer & having my face out on the internet. They vị know what I vì, but they try to lớn pretend like it never happened, it’s just an Asian thing. I guess what I’m doing is going against all Vietnamese culture, like I’m not supposed to show my sexuality. I guess I’m not supposed lớn be out there in the world.”

As to lớn constraints brought upon by China’s regulations on adult content, Le talks about the sales his brand is missing out on. “It’s lượt thích that joke about Trung Quốc, though, that we have sầu in America. There’s only one original copy of Windows in Trung Quốc and the software has spread like wildfire, but Microsoft’s point of view is that that is good, because now people are accustomed to lớn their layout. So if another competitor enters the market, people will still stichồng with Windows.”

And that isn’t all, the ban on adult nội dung appears lớn add khổng lồ Le’s desirability: “I guess I become more desirable because they haven’t seen me live, so every time I come lớn Đài Loan Trung Quốc everyone comes out, including people from Taiwan and Hong Kong who come khổng lồ see me at Funky, for example.”

In a way, it seems lượt thích the ban on adult content in Đài Loan Trung Quốc has made him even more famous, và Funky even more successful, judging by the scenes on their dance floor every time Le takes the stage. He promises us that he will be baông chồng in Trung Quốc soon, và we will be sure to let you know when.

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