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a meal you take khổng lồ a place outside lớn be eaten there in an informal way, or an occasion on which such a meal is eaten:
The goals of freedom translate into lớn husbands being more attentive khổng lồ women"s wishes by accompanying their wives khổng lồ the cinema, on shopping trips và on picnics at tourist sites.
The county authority is endeavouring to lớn preserve sầu the amenities for the great mass of people who go there for picnics and camping.
Many of them like to lớn congregate in large numbers in some of the more popular spots where they can have their picnics.
They sometimes eat picnics on the way, and it is often the continental custom khổng lồ have sầu a bottle of wine with lunch.
In my view, the greater part of the litter comes from picnicking in the great open fells và woodlands, và lake-sides.
They are picnicking by the side of the roads, &, instead of eating fresh meat và vegetables, they are eating cheap tinned foodstuffs.
They referred lớn short walks, long walks, picnicking, travelling to the coast, visiting a historic house and so forth.
In addition, most service areas have sầu take-away food counters và many of them have sầu areas specially phối aside for picnicking.
I suggest that from some areas they will even go out picnicking to lớn this beautiful spot—which will be far worse than motor boats.
There is a wide variety of wildlife & the area is popular with local people for walking and picnics.
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Các từ thường được áp dụng với picnic.

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In addition khổng lồ a large family picnic area with playgrounds, the park has constructed habitats for monkeys, birds, crocodiles, reptiles, & aquatic plants.
Visitors arriving at the picnic area may sit on the grass collectively or enter the contemplative sầu rooms individually, departing the way they came.

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The family arrive sầu three-quarters of an hour later at the football ground oto park, whereupon a sharp-eyed constable observes the tell-tale brown bottle protruding from the picnic basket.





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