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Maximized exposure. Optimized protection.Superior strength.(,,)

With SurgiSleeve™ wound protectors, you get the maximum field of vision with the added protection và strength so you can focus more on the patient, without having to worry about the performance of your protector.

The portfolio of SurgiSleeve™ wound protectors:

Are intuitive sầu and easy khổng lồ useAre superior in film strength1Provide maximum exposure during proceduresAre economically efficientProvide the choice you need for the procedure at hand

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Order CodeDescriptionUnit of MeasureQuantity
WPXSM24Wound Protector Extra Small Incision Size 2 - 4 cmBox5
WPSM256Wound Protector Small Incision Size 2.5 - 6 cmBox5
WPMD509Wound Protector Medium Incision Size 5-9 cmBox5
WPLG914Wound Protector Large Incision Size 9-14 cmBox5
WPLGR914Wound Protector Large Incision Size 9 - 14 cm with Retraction RingBox5
WPXLGR1117*Wound Protector Extra Large Incision Size 11 - 17 cm with Retraction Ring*Box5

Access in-service videos, sản phẩm guides, và frequently asked questions for the SurgiSleeve™ wound protector.

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