feeling pleasure và satisfaction because you or people connected with you have done or got something good:

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feeling satisfaction và pleasure because of something that you have achieved, possess, or are a part of:
Indeed, listening to the work"s recording is a rather tedious task, entirely lacking the excitement that the composer was so proud about.
I saw that she was proud of herself for coming up with such an elegant solution to her intimidating problem.
He has a large extended family & said his proudest moment outside singing is being an uncle khổng lồ all his nieces and nephews.
The children were ver y proud of their achievements, but their competences remain atomised, juxtaposed and without being connected lớn each other.
Participants rated feeling helpful, proud & useful when language brokering as the highest three emotions amuốn a danh sách of emotions.
Although justifiably proud of recent successes, he was, like most physicians of his day, deeply ignorant of the nature of the epidemiological environment.
Indeed, it has left such an indelible mark that students và the general populace are now quite proud to lớn speak it.
In retrospect, he is proud to have sầu avoided attributing a unidirectional impact of science on society or of social & economic forces on science.
He or she must also be aware of his or her limitations và not be too proud to refer on for further advice.
Having considered the limitations of his resources & abilities, he concludes that he should be proud of what he has already accomplished.
They are proud khổng lồ feel that they have an area of expertise to tóm tắt, & happily teach their teachers.

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Even without compensation for injury caused by a rolling girder, the lowly laborer could thus be a proud member of the " " imperial " " corporate body.
He had been working on this for nearly đôi mươi years, & later called it his proudest legislative sầu achievement.
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