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Trong tiếng Anh, có rất nhiều phân trường đoản cú quá khđọng và bây chừ của một tự có thể được dùng nlỗi những tính từ. Các ví dụ này rất có thể đã cho thấy các tính trường đoản cú áp dụng.

Trophoblasts would seem ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá targets for fetal cell sorting efforts because of their abundance at the fetal-maternal interface.
Endusers và graphic arts services are both having a difficult time sorting out the options & which ones make sense.
Semi-structured & reliable methods of assessing insight counteract this problem to lớn some extent, as does the use of relatively language-free tests such as card sorting.
Each sample was rinsed inlớn a large container, the water was drained and all remaining material was preserved in 95% ethanol for subsequent sorting.
This disunity arose from a degree of genetic sorting-out which it had never known before và was not khổng lồ know again for another thous& years.
In a society intent on sorting và ranking its inhabitants, empowering some và excluding others, no single identity fits all.
So, lớn begin with, we had some difficulty - to put it mildly - in sorting out where we should go and what we should bởi.
Infections were often mixed and metacercariae moved within each cyst, making the sorting of individual cysts by collar-spine count impractical.
Chapter 2 deals with lists, và covers most of the elementary list processing functions, together with a fairly comprehensive treatment of sorting.
Sorting these matters out, though, would lead lớn issues considerably beyond the scope of this volume.
Thus, the exercise also hopefully serves lớn convince students that functional programming is about more than sorting lists, and can be useful in practical situations.
Our earlier described transition matrix determines sorting across particular earnings quartiles for men và women separately.
There is thus a need lớn complement models with exogenous political arrangements with an explanation of institutional sorting amongst political economies as actually occurs.

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This sorting-out of social kinds - which, as we have seen, went on continuously in early modern society - extended lớn characterizations of physical capathành phố.
This was a dedicated waiting các mục program capable of sorting patients into the correct order of priority.
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