step down

1. To resign from some job or position, especially one with high power or authority. Effective sầu immediately, I"ll be stepping down as director of the company. Following the scandal, the governor was forced khổng lồ step down from office.2. To reduce or lessen something, especially gradually or in stages. Our goal is lớn step down CO2 emissions over the coming decade. Please begin stepping down the voltage.See also: down, step

step something down

lớn reduce the intensity or amount of something by one step or grade. See if you can step the lights down a little. step down the lights just a little more.See also: down, step

step down

(from something) 1.

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Lit. khổng lồ come down from something; to lớn alight from something. Please step down from the platkhung. she stepped down & went baông chồng to her chair. 2. Fig. to resign a job or a responsibility. The mayor stepped down from office last week. It"s unusual for a mayor khổng lồ step down.See also: down, step

step down

1. Resign from office, as in He threatened khổng lồ step down if they continued to argue with hyên ổn. 2. Reduce, especially in stages, as in They were stepping down the voltage. Also see step up, def. 1. See also: down, step

step down

v.1. To descend with a step: The speaker stepped down from the platform. The carpenter stepped down off the ladder.

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2. To resign from a high post: The mayor stepped down after two years in office.3. To reduce, especially in stages: The scientists stepped down the temperature in the chamber và repeated the test. The transformer steps the power down from 110 volts to 24 volts. See also: down, stepSee also:

step down

resign, leave sầu a position, bow out It was time for Pierre to lớn step down - time for hlặng to lớn resign.

step down from

Idiom(s): step down (from sth)Theme: WITHDRAWkhổng lồ resign a job or a responsibility.• The mayor stepped down from office last week.• It"s unusual for a mayor to step down.

step down|step

v. 1. To come down in one move sầu from a higher position lớn a lower. As soon as the train stopped, the conductor stepped down lớn help the passengers off. 2. To make go slower little by little. The train was approaching the station, so the engineer stepped it down. Compare: SLOW DOWN, STEPhường. UP. 3. To leave sầu a job as an official or some other important position. When the judge became ill, he had khổng lồ step down.
steer inlớn (something) steer through steer through (something) steer toward steer toward (something) steer/stay/keep clear stellar stem stem from stem from (something) stem the tide stem the tide, lớn stem to lớn stern stem to stern, from stemmed step step (it) up a gear step all over (one) step aside step baông chồng step bachồng on step baông xã on (something) step between step between (someone or something) step by step step down step forward step in step in the right direction, a step inside step inkhổng lồ step into lớn (someone's) boots step inlớn (someone's) shoes step inkhổng lồ (something) step inlớn dead men's shoes step into shoes step into lớn somebody's shoes step into lớn someone's boots step inlớn someone's shoes step into lớn the breach step it up step off step off on the wrong foot step off the curb step on step on (one's) toes step on a crachồng, break your mother's bachồng step on it Step on it! step on someone's toes step on the gas steal one"s thunder steal the show steal the spotlight steal up on steamed up steer clear of stem the tide step all over step down step in step inside step inlớn step inkhổng lồ one"s shoes step off step on it step on one"s toes step out
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