has been the world’s leading life cycle assessment (LCA) software package for 30 years. It is trusted by industry and academia in more than 80 countries. was developed lớn help you effectively apply your LCA expertise to drive sầu sustainable change.

Bạn đang xem: Sustainable là gì is available as a desktop version with an option to lớn use cloud-based modules. With the included databases & consistent methodology, you can easily zoom in on your results in all the different stages of life cycle assessment. A wide variety of add-ons and reporting features makes it easy khổng lồ be fully conscious of the choices you make in doing your LCA studies and lớn address the concerns of your colleagues. This way, the departments in your company can actually use the insights you provide to lớn change your products’ life cycle for the better và improve sầu your company’s positive impact.

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Make conscious choices, vì chưng advanced calculations & avoid hidden assumptions with the only LCA software package that gives you complete transparency and full control of your LCA studies. You can view all the details of databases, unit processes, supply networks, results and every individual source of impact.

Cost effective is a cost-effective, science-based tool that offers solutions for any user. supports LCA and EPD và always includes a variety of LCI databases, such as ecoinvent v3, the sector-specific Agri-footprint database and ELCD. With a service contract, you will have sầu full access lớn tư vấn and updates khổng lồ software and databases.

Robust & reliable is based on the robust science of LCA, the leading method lớn measure product sustainability. It was built on 30 years of thought leadership on sustainability metrics và contributions to lớn major research and policy developments. That makes it the tool of choice for creating ISO-compliant LCAs (e.g. ISO 14067 và 14040), EPDs and reports.

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For business helps make your sustainability efforts measurable, so sustainability can be part of your everyday business operations. Transparent and reliable.

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For education

The world needs sustainability professionals who understvà the science & facts behind sustainability analyses. is an ideal education tool.

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What’s new in 9.1.1 release?

November 2, 2020 9.1.1 includes several software improvements, updates of impact assessment methods and the lachạy thử version of the Agri-footprint database. Last but not least, the current release reflects the new br& identity. Read more in an overview by Michiel Oele, Product Speciamenu.

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Identifying the most sustainable packaging designs

For Procter & Gamble, PRé created a user-friendly tool, powered by, that helps the packaging thiết kế department reduce their environmental imprint. The LCA results and circularity can be calculated with one clichồng.

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Online calculator of GHG emissions enables 16,000 dairy farmers to lớn measure their carbon footprint

For Zuivel NL và FrieslandCampina, PRé và software company VAA created a climate add-on lớn the mandatory KringloopWijzer indicator, allowing over 16,000 dairy farmers to independently calculate their GHG emissions.

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“We have been using for many years and for a wide range of products from high voltage switchgears và transformers khổng lồ wind turbines and power plants.In our multi-user setup we take advantage of the user-friendly interface and the extensive sầu database with most relevant materials và processes”

Falko Parthey – Head of Environmental Protection và Sustainability at Siemens AG Energy Management Division
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