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Learn languages by chatting with native sầu speakers on Tandem for FREE!**Only education phầm mềm in's “Best of 2015”**With millions of members, Tandem is the largest language exchange community. Take your language learning khổng lồ the next cấp độ and team up with a native speaker khổng lồ practice languages. Find your Tandem partner, start chatting, & speak your way to lớn fluency!Reach fluency in 160+ languages, including Spanish, English, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified & Traditional Chinese, & 12 different sign languages, including American Sign Language.Why Tandem is the #1 phầm mềm to lớn practice và learn languages:BOOST YOUR VOCABULARYFor the times when you’re struggling to lớn find the correct words, our in-tiện ích translation feature helps you compose a message or translate an incoming one. PERFECT YOUR PRONUNCIATIONFit in with the locals and improve your speaking skills using voice notes, audio và Clip calls.GRASP THE GRAMMARHelp each other grasp the difficult parts of language learning with our message correction and phản hồi features.TANDEM YOUR WAYForget strict schedules & learning by the book. Embrace your personal language learning style—whether that’s messaging, calling, or even meeting in person. DOWNLOAD TANDEM AND MASTER ANY LANGUAGE NOW!______________What the press say about us:TechCrunch: “Charming language practice community”Digital Trends: “Move sầu onto lớn the next level with your language”O, The Oprah Magazine: "embers can decide the direction they want their language instruction to take since they’re not confined khổng lồ any phối curriculum"Tech Advisor: "If you’ve made good progress on another tiện ích or service & want lớn get better at actual conversation, Tandem is ideal"Mashable: “Tandem aims khổng lồ solve the problem for you by connecting you with a native speaker”______________What is language exchange?Tandem language learning is the process of joining forces with someone who is a native sầu speaker of the language you want lớn learn. Through conversation with your Tandem partner, known as language exchange, you improve sầu your language skills và develop intercultural competence.Tandem’s core value is khổng lồ unite people across borders through language learning. Languages hold great power for unity, inclusivity, và eunique. Language và cultural exchange are keys to lớn unlock global understanding in our increasingly interconnected world. How khổng lồ learn languages on Tandem:1. Select the language(s) you want to lớn learn in the app2. Tell us about your language learning goals and your ideal Tandem partner3. Search for native sầu speakers of your target language in the community 4. Kick-off your language exchange experience by sending your first message5. Share topics with the Tandem community so you can have sầu meaningful conversations about what interests you6. Keep up the conversation with your new Tandem “pen pal” and speak like a native sầu in no time!Tandem Pro — Upgrade to unlock the ultimate language learning tools:- Unlimited translations- Find members near me- Search members by city- Tandem Maps- Protệp tin visitor insights- Profile verification and badge - No adsRead the Tandem Blog to lớn get top tips, tricks, và interesting facts about everything language learning: Got a question? Contact us at support

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Tandem Group Chats have sầu arrived! In this lachạy thử version, Tandem members can invite their friends khổng lồ a group chat & start learning together.

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