an object shot at during shooting practice, often a circle with a pattern of rings, or any object or place at which bullets, bombs, etc. are aimed:

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a person or a particular group of people that something is directed at, or that something is intended for:
one or more people who are criticized or laughed at, or who experience unpleasant treatment from others:
an object aimed & fired at during shooting practice, often a circle with a pattern of rings, or any object or place at which arrows, bullets, bombs, và other missiles are aimed:
exceed/miss/set a target The company has phối a target of 10 million wholesale broadbvà connections by năm trước.

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a target date/level/price They plan to lớn finish the manufacturing process by the new target date of October 31st.
someone or something that is easy lớn attaông chồng or criticize, often because they cannot defover themselves:
Big oil companies make easy targets for politicians anxious to lớn take the heat off their own taxation policies.

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if you are on target with a project, etc., you are likely lớn achieve what you planned at the time you intended:
to direct something, especially advertising or a hàng hóa, at a particular group of people or a particular area:
aggressively/carefully/specifically target sb/sth The marketing chiến dịch is specifically targeting a different type of customer.
The result was a lack of knowledge about whether the critical manufacturing processes could produce the hàng hóa lớn established cost, schedule, & chất lượng targets.
The balanced scorecard compares actual performance against the targets mix for the national và regional office levels.
The staff members they deploy in the field to lớn identify projects are under pressure from their senior management to lớn turn such targets into lớn reality.
Other unpopular new measures were the deregulation of private rented housing and the" targeting" of social security benefits, with disadvantage lớn many.





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