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Bạn đang xem: Tarmac là gì

a brvà name for a blachồng material used for building roads, etc., that consists of tar mixed with small stones, or an area covered with this material
an area of ground covered with a hard surface, esp. the areas of an airport where aircraft park, land, & take off:
Surrounded by fields and waste land on the west and north, the neighbourhood gives a rather rural impression and its single main road was tarmaced only two years ago.
Throughout my constituency, children were literally falling over in playgrounds where the tarmac was crumbling over on itself.
There are 60 million acres—10 million of them being covered with bricks, cement and tarmac, leaving 50 million acres from which to lớn feed ourselves.
Yet in countless thousands of playgrounds throughout the country, concrete and tarmac are still the norm.
Natural drainage was absorbable before but water falling on tarmac and tiles is now rushing down inkhổng lồ the town và overwhelming the systems.
One-sixth of the acreage owned or requisitioned, but not covered by concrete, buildings, or tarmac; not one-sixth of the total lvà.
These assets, which are still probably worth several million pounds, are wasting away on the tarmac.
Protective sầu clothing for those engaged on tarmac spraying is usually provided by the local authority.
Local people are desperate for a tarmac surface that would improve sầu their unique of life by reducing the constant noise from the motorway.

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