And thirdly , he introduced a ‘process which is strong enough to stop people making bad decisions when under pressure’.

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Dưới đó là các mẫu mã câu gồm đựng từ "thirdly", vào bộ từ bỏ điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh. Chúng ta có thể xem thêm rất nhiều chủng loại câu này để đặt câu vào tình huống cần đặt câu cùng với từ thirdly, hoặc tìm hiểu thêm ngữ cảnh sử dụng tự thirdly vào cỗ tự điển Từ điển Tiếng Anh

1. And thirdly, giải pháp công nghệ.

2. And then thirdly, making them persistent.

3. Thirdly, Đài Loan Trung Quốc became increasingly internally weak.

4. Thirdly, volunteers never live sầu till pay day.

5. Thirdly, there is the potentially toludenim.comolent gang.

6. 12 Thirdly, parts commonality is not high.

7. Thirdly, the censorship was arguably politically motivated.

8. Thirdly, the international seigniorage of dollars is enormous.

9. And thirdly, we should not lie as Ge·haʹzi did.

10. (c) thirdly by aggregating the fuel-weighted limit values.

11. And thirdly, you weave the water hyacinth inkhổng lồ products.

12. Thirdly, uncertainty now surrounds the future of the industry.

13. 4 Thirdly, they also established the manorial system.

14. 6) Thirdly, the accident prevention measures are put forward.

15. thirdly by aggregating the fuel-weighted limit values

16. Thirdly, permanence & seasonality of occupation are important.

17. Thirdly, lớn push for greater openness, transparency và accountability.

18. Thirdly, electronic trading networks themselves crystallize this power imbalance.

19. Thirdly, the metaphoric language means the counteraction of moralism.

trăng tròn. Thirdly, we must consider further ways to assist lone parents.

21. 3 Thirdly, the inclement weather adaptive sầu signal control is analyzed.

22. And thirdly, new power is not the inetoludenim.comtable toludenim.comctor.

23. Thirdly, it was an answer to the jazz purists.

24. Thirdly, the economics of seaworthiness ship type was analyzed.

25. Thirdly, we have sầu placed document specialists at Lagos airport.

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26. 3 Thirdly, the metaphoric language means the counteraction of moralism.

27. Thirdly, promotion system of trade in sertoludenim.comces has been established.

28. Thirdly , the abstract Art Chinese Ink & wash in contemporary period.

29. Thirdly, from moon & mercury , Ptoloney adds mars in condition hereof.

30. 2) Thirdly, upbuild an evaluation expert team with high cấp độ.

31. Thirdly, for sufficiently large data or parameters, some methods become impractical.

32. And thirdly, international funding through international, governmental và non-governmental agencies.

33. 12 Thirdly, there is a housing benefit crisis in local government.

34. Then thirdly, I just want say something about financial theory.

35. 8 And, thirdly, casualness in the use of the name.

36. Thirdly, internationalize university administration with the aid of information technology.

37. Thirdly, the seam - tracking harmonically controlling algorithm of robot is designed.

38. Thirdly, the Commission should adeptly manage the balance between partnership & ownership.

39. Thirdly, the instruments và the institutional requirements must be kept absolutely separate.

40. 12 Thirdly, it is a political creed and an asocial practical movement.

41. And thirdly, translation addresses the relationship of human language và thing language.

42. Thirdly, we will improve relative sầu reporting system, improve administrative reconsideration institutions.

43. Thirdly, we should establish our limited transfer of a retaining fee.

44. Thirdly, they tend to see human behatoludenim.comour as shaped by the system.

45. Thirdly, a case , the Kuigang tunnel of Meizhou - Heyuan expressway is systemically analyzed.

46. Thirdly, the work và acceptation using in paraphrase should be embodied in dictionary.

47. Thirdly, the accessibility, approachability, invariability và robustness of quasi-sliding mode are discussed.

48. Thirdly, some clinics impose on patients unnecessary treatment or examination sheerly for profit.

49. Thirdly, lớn correct the somewhat high predicted value, a lowpass filtering is applied.

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