Better, quicker, faster? Here’s a look at the meaning of and differences between “expedited” shipping with different providers.

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What’s more, the marketplaces tkết thúc to lớn have different ways of classifying their shipping options — meaning what’s called expedited at Amazon may not be exactly what eBay considers expedited. Some marketplaces, lượt thích Amazon, specify a delivery time, not service, so if you’ve promised 2‑day shipping, its up to you khổng lồ choose the shipping service to lớn make it happen. To further muddy the waters, “expedited” may not even refer to lớn a marketplace’s fastest shipping service. With next‑morning and same‑day shipping available, that “expedited” option could in fact take longer và cost you extra days — và possibly customers.

Here’s what you need to lớn know about the differences in these levels of service, & how you can best communicate shipping expectations to lớn customers.

How USPS Defines the Options

The following table provides a quiông chồng look at the offerings of USPS, FedEx and UPS; always check directly with the shipper for any changes in services, names or costs.

CarrierShipping service nameeBay Service DefinitionAmazon Service Definition
USPSUSPS Priority Mail ExpressOne‑day shippingOne‑Day U.S.
USPSUSPS Priority Mail Express Flat Rate EnvelopeOne‑day shippingOne‑Day U.S.
UPSUPS Next Day Air SaverOne‑day shippingOne‑Day U.S.
UPSUPS Next Day AirOne‑day shippingOne‑Day U.S.
FedExFedEx Priority Overnight®One‑day shippingOne‑Day U.S.
FedExFedEx Standard Overnight®One‑day shippingOne‑Day U.S.
FedExFedEx Priority Overnight One Rate®One‑day shippingOne‑Day U.S.
FedExFedEx Standard Overnight One Rate®One‑day shippingOne‑Day U.S.
VariesOne‑day shippingOne‑day shippingOne‑Day U.S.
UPSUPS 2nd Day AirExpedited shippingTwo‑Day U.S.
FedExFedEx 2Day®Expedited shippingTwo‑Day U.S.
FedExFedEx 2Day One Rate®Expedited shippingTwo‑Day U.S.
USPSUSPS Priority MailExpedited shippingExpedited U.S.

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USPSUSPS Priority Mail Flat Rate EnvelopeExpedited shippingExpedited U.S.
USPSUSPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Padded EnvelopeExpedited shippingExpedited U.S.
USPSUSPS Priority Mail Small Flat Rate BoxExpedited shippingExpedited U.S.
USPSUSPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate BoxExpedited shippingExpedited U.S.
USPSUSPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate BoxExpedited shippingExpedited U.S.
USPSUSPS Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes(A&B)Expedited shippingExpedited U.S.
FedExFedEx Express Saver®Expedited shippingExpedited U.S.
FedExFedEx Express Saver One Rate®Expedited shippingExpedited U.S.
VariesExpedited shippingExpedited shippingExpedited U.S.
USPSUSPS First Class MailStandard shippingExpedited U.S.
UPSUPS 3 Day SelectStandard shippingExpedited U.S.
UPSUPS GroundStandard shippingExpedited U.S.
FedExFedEx GroundStandard shippingExpedited U.S.
FedExFedEx trang chủ DeliveryStandard shippingExpedited U.S.
VariesStandard shippingStandard shippingStandard U.S.
USPSUSPS Parcel SelectEconomy shippingStandard U.S.
USPSUSPS Media MailEconomy shippingStandard U.S.
VariesEconomy shippingEconomy shippingStandard U.S.

Tips for Sellers

Provide options.Offering expedited shipping, either as your preferred/regular method or as an option, can make products more attractive sầu lớn buyers, since they can have sầu a choice of shipping as well as more control over their buying patterns.Understvà the terms.Regardless of the shipper(s) you use, never assume that “expedited” is the fastest under their definition or terms of service, since in many cases it is just a cấp độ up from the standard or economy options, especially if same‑day or overnight shipping is offered. Similarly, if a buyer convos you about “expedited” shipping, be sure to ask about the requested time frame and explain the levels, và costs, of the shipper you use.Clearly communicate.Be precise in your communications with customers about which shipping carrier you choose, when you’ll ship, the service you use, & the expected delivery time frame. For example, state if you ship every day, only on weekdays, or on certain days of the week. When you outline the benefits of expedited shipping, provide specific information about how it differs from standard shipping.Be mindful of marketplace messages.If you sell via a marketplace lượt thích Amazon or eBay, buyers often use the term “overnight’ when requesting expedited shipping. As a seller, make sure that when a customer wants “overnight’ shipping that you arrange khổng lồ use a one‑day service, not just “expedited.”

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