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For Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10-Gigabit Ethernet,and logical interfaces, you can configure the Virtual Router RedundancyProtocol (VRRP) or VRRP.. for IPv6. VRRP enables hosts on a LAN to makeuse of redundant routing platforms on that LAN without requiring morethan the static configuration of a single default route on the hosts.The VRRPhường routing platforms giới thiệu the IPhường address corresponding khổng lồ thedefault route configured on the hosts. At any time, one of the VRRProuting platforms is the primary (active) và the others are backups.If the primary routing platkhung fails, one of the backup routing platformsbecomes the new primary routing platform, providing a virtual defaultrouting platsize and enabling traffic on the LAN lớn be routed withoutrelying on a single routing platform. Using VRRPhường., a backup devicecan take over a failed default device within a few seconds. This isdone with minimum VRRP. traffic and without any interaction with thehosts. Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol is not supported on managementinterfaces.

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Đang xem: Vrrp là gì

Devices running VRRP. dynamically elect primary and backup devices.You can also force assignment of primary và backup devices usingpriorities from 1 through 255, with 255 being the highest priority.In VRRP.. operation, the mặc định primary device sends advertisementskhổng lồ backup devices at regular intervals. The mặc định interval is 1second. If a backup device does not receive an advertisement for aphối period, the backup device with the next highest priority takesover as primary & begins forwarding packets.


To minimize network traffic, VRRP is designed in sucha way that only the device that is acting as the primary sends outVRRPhường advertisements at any given point in time. The backup devicesvị not send any advertisement until và unless they take over primaryrole.

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VRRPhường for IPv6 provides a much faster switchover lớn an alternatedefault router than IPv6 neighbor discovery procedures. Typical deploymentsuse only one backup router.


Do not confuse the VRRP primary & backup routing platformswith the primary and backup member switches of a VirtualChassis configuration. The primary and backup membersof a Virtual Chassis configuration compose a single host. In a VRRPtopology, one host operates as the primary routing platkhung and anotheroperates as the backup routing platsize, as shown in Figure 3.

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VRRP is defined in RFC 3768, Virtual Router RedundancyProtocol. VRRPhường for IPv6 is defined in draft-ietf-vrrp-ipv6-spec-08.txt, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol for IPv6. See alsodraft-ietf-vrrp-unified-mib-06.txt, Definitions of ManagedObjects for the VRRP over IPv4 and IPv6.


Even though VRRPhường, as defined in RFC 3768, does not supportauthentication, the Junos OS implementation of VRRPhường supports authenticationas defined in RFC 2338. This support is achieved through the backwardcompatibility options in RFC 3768.


On EX2300 và EX3400 switches, the VRRPhường protocol mustbe configured with a Hello interval of 2 seconds or more with deadinterval not less than 6 seconds to lớn prevent flaps during CPU intensiveoperations events such as routing engine switchover, interface flaps,và exhaustive data collection from the packet forwarding engine.

Figure 1 illustrates a basicVRRP topology. In this example, Routers A, B, and C are running VRRPvà together trang điểm a virtual router. The IPhường address of this virtualrouter is (the same address as the physical interface ofRouter A).

Figure 1: Basic VRRP


Because the virtual routing platkhung uses the IPhường address ofthe physical interface of Switch A, Switch A is the primary VRRPhường routingplatform, while Switch B & Switch C function as backup VRRPhường routingplatforms. Clients 1 through 3 are configured with the default gatewayIP address of as the primary router, Switch A,forwards packets sent to lớn its IPhường address. If the primary routing platformfails, the switch configured with the higher priority becomes theprimary virtual routing platsize and provides uninterrupted servicefor the LAN hosts. When Switch A recovers, it becomes the primaryvirtual routing platform again.

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